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  1. Archer?

    That's a bummer
  2. Archer?

    Now the trap skill for PvP how does that work because ye know an archer for rpg use traps for a quick debuff then pin an with arrows acouple more times is it like that?
  3. I plan on going PvP eventually I just wanna skill up first and I feel like on chaos or epic I would get interupted alot
  4. Thank you all, someone got at me in-game and mentioned I didn't put the server down my apologize. I am on exodus and they've brought me to my own little spot it's really nice lol I got ideas upon ideas can't wait to really get going. Again thank you all glad to know majority of wurmians are friendly and willing to help
  5. Archer?

    A spyglass I heard it was only an event item or something like that
  6. My apologize for posting on town square alot, my question is does anyone have a decent enough spot for me to bunker down in for mining fishing farming ext. I try to adventure out but starter sword doesn't do the job and i ended losing my saw and I want to make my own stuff so if anyone has land they loan out for a future investment, I plan on sticking around for awhile so I can come up with some coin later on.
  7. I'm hanging around ester for now on xanadu just a little hard to find a spot to mine because I'm on sea level spot but there is a bridge leading to higher spots so I'll work on it. Hope to see you guys around aswell for real
  8. Archer?

    So the arrows are really that hard to make? And what is glancing? Like a "you glance the target"?
  9. Archer?

    I'll try out the fence thing then sometime
  10. Archer?

    That's awesome all of it, glad to know it, now is traps a thing could I possibly lure a mob into a trap of some sort, for example I was thinking maybe setup a v shaped fence and lure them in or I seen a trapping skill but would that help in archery situations?
  11. Thank you all, I think I'm gonna take the advice on rl thing I looked it up and it says one you can get is premium and 10s so I can give that 10s to my brother, I'm gonna wait untill we get some stats to 20 though
  12. Archer?

    I started this by watching videos on YouTube and such and thought "ye know I wanna be an archer" now iv talked to someone and they said it's not for pve, is that true?
  13. See the thing with teamspeak is I don't know how to set up a server or nothing so my brother and I can chat and play or if it's even free for one and the public one there I don't wanna have to listen to awhile bunch of people
  14. Anyone know of a low performance free chat program that cuases minimal lag, I'm already on all the lowest settings wish I could get rid of rain and what not but running the chat I have now (discord) cuases way to much lag