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  1. Sorry I've been sick and still am. I'll look into these things in the next week or so. Trading=> Hmm. I thought it was just No_Trade that needed to be removed. It worked in my testing but I might have accidentally used a GM character to test (my bad). If it requires removing No_Drop I'll probably just put No_Trade back and retract the claim that it works. No_drop adds in a ton of edge cases I don't have time to check. Small boats=> This won't work on carts as per Razor's request but it should work on small boats if enabled. Can you check your server.log file to make sure it says small boats are enabled in there? Also, what boat did you test against? I've only tried rowboat for small a so it's possible there's a problem with sailboats. Thanks, -Tyson
  2. Thank you both for the kind words. I'm glad you are enjoying it!
  3. You're too kind. You should have seen the first several things I tried that didn't work. I'm glad you're finding it helpful. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the code. -Tyson
  4. Sorry about that. Forgot to copy up the binary. Fixed now. -Tyson
  5. Version 0.5 released. Added two new configuration flags: enableServerTransferLogging defaults to true and will put more information into the log to help with debugging issues. enableServerTransfer defaults to true. Setting to false will prevent animal tokens from transferring to new servers but unfortunately while it warns you they won't transfer if you decide to transfer anyways the tokens on a vehicle (like a boat) will be lost. Tokens in a player's inventory will be restored when they come back to the originating server. Updated to the newest server mod loader/launcher, 0.19. Please make sure you update this and install the same versions of this mod and the mod loader on all servers that are connected.
  6. Thanks Razor. I'm going to release a version soon here that you can enable more debugging statements in which will help. Turns out this isn't that easy. I added a setting to disable the server transfer code and make the item 'Server Bound' but it turns out the unmodified server code doesn't handle server bound items on vehicles only in player inventories. They probably don't need to because I'm guessing all server-bound items can't be dropped or put on boats. So while the item won't transfer it also won't get 'replaced' on the vehicle (aka boat) when you get back. So the item becomes lost in the DB unattached to anything. I would have to modify the server to handle this which is back to having server transfer modifications... Note I tested this with a Merchant Contract as well. You can't place them in a boat but I force it to go there using the DB and it behaves the same. Warns you it won't transfer but doesn't come back like it does in player inventories. I'll leave the setting in there in case you just want to warn people not to leave them in the boat and if they do it'll 'poof' but up to you. I don't have time now to make it so that server transfers of tokens can properly recover the tokens on re-entering the server. If you know of some item that works like this in WU please let me know and I can check the code to see if it's easy to just duplicate that behavior. I'm going to check that things are still working in my test case (I move a horse with a saddle and a sheep, one on a cog and one in my inventory between two servers of the same type) and then I'll release a version with debugging and server transfer defaulted to 'true' but then can be turned off. Have fun! -Tyson
  7. Updated to 0.4. Thanks to bdew for creating the ModComm API and updating this mod to use it.
  8. People are probably doing this but just to make sure, you're installing the mod on all the servers with the same IDs for the tokens right?
  9. I can add an option to disable server transfers. This is the first I'm hearing that it doesn't work though. Perhaps someone can provide more details on what's being tried and what goes wrong? In my testing a saddle on a horse transferred fine but if you know of something specific that doesn't transfer I can look into fixing that.
  10. Released now and at version 0.4. Sets kingdom to player's kingdom when it is redeemed. Enabled trading of tokens and checks to make sure the token can't be redeemed while being traded As usual, please let me know if you find any problems. I'm considering this mod done for now unless someone finds a bug or asks for a feature I find interesting. Have fun! -Tyson
  11. Ok my change should be fine then. I'll push it to github later today when I'm in front of my computer and cut a new release which I'll consider released for now. Thanks for the info!
  12. Not sure it this does exactly what you want but it might be an option. Requested by Razor it allows converting animals to tokens that can then be loaded on boats and unloaded/returned to animals later. It supports cross-server although there is some confusion yet about the kingdom of the animal if switching between a PvP and a non-PvP server. If you don't want to deal with the NPC or the cost there are options to change that in the properties file. Have fun, -Tyson
  13. Well it's 1 line of code to change the animal to the kingdom of the player when you redeem it (I tried and tested it) but I don't know if there are any unintended consequences of this. I see some animals flagged as 'Unknown kingdom' which is 0 and some as Freedom '4'. My character seems to be Jenn-Kellon which is 1. So if a whole bunch of animals start being flagged as part of a certain kingdom when before they were none or freedom I'm not sure if that causes any problems. Maybe bred animals are automatically part of a kingdom? Maybe when they're branded they get the kingdom of the village the brand is for? I have no idea. If you know what the right logic is it shouldn't be too hard to implement regardless of whether it should happen on server transfer or on token redemption. Just let me know. Thanks.
  14. That would be me that goofed. Whoop! Sorry about that. Thanks for the catch ozmods. Looks like Ant cares about file capitalization even though windows doesn't. For now I just updated the ZIP file manually. If any further changes are needed I'll update the packaging scripts to catch the difference in capitalization. Thanks again! -Tyson
  15. It looks like there might be an EPICKINGDOM and a CHAOSKINGDOM stored for a player in the DB in addition to a KINGDOM. It appears when switching between PVP and non-PVP servers (and epic/non-epic servers) there is some logic to switch the KINGDOM value but I haven't had a chance to trace it all through properly and I don't have the right test server setup to check easily. Would it be possible for you to run a test and see what the Player DB values are for these 3 columns when the player converts the animal to a token and then again just before they convert it back to an animal? If you could check the KINGDOM value for the animal as well that would be great. I have a suspicion the player is getting converted somehow to a different kingdom on transfer and I would like to just make it so that the KINGDOM of the animal is set equal to the KINGDOM of the player on redeeming the token but I don't have an easy way to test if that is the right thing to do. It's fairly trivial to make the mod do this though (set KINGDOM of animal equal to KINGDOM of player on redemption.) Thanks, -Tyson
  16. Thanks Raz. I don't even know what HOTS stands for (yup I'm that noobish) so I'll probably need help on the desired behavior. The mod code currently transfers the kingdom ID of the animal when you transfer servers. Perhaps the kingdom IDs are different on different servers? I'll see if I can find somewhere in the code where the kingdom ID is purposely changed on server transfer and how. Thanks for the report. -Tyson
  17. Also note this mod as it stands doesn't handle shrinking a plan so while you may have enough skill to add tiles to a house it may tell you your skill is too low if you try to remove them. If people run into that a lot let me know and I'll take a stab at changing the mod to work for both cases and maybe even a flag to essentially just disable the check altogether.
  18. Server mod. The one I released requires the newest server modloader from Ago, version 0.18. Note you have to modify the properties file in the mods folder to have the multiplier you want. If you want to send me your server.log file I might be able to help narrow it down. This file is in the base directory of the server and is rewritten every time you start the server.
  19. It was just a one-line bug-fix so I've released a version with the fix. You can get it here if you want: I will try to see how to provide the changes to Webba with a pull-release but I'm a git noob in addition to being a Java noob and a Wurm noob so no promises. Have fun! -Tyson
  20. Version 0.3 is posted with server transfer capability. Please test and provide feedback on this capability. I've done a bunch of testing but I might have missed things. Note I do see a bunch of errors in the logs related to player achievements not being parse-able after a transfer but I don't think I changed this and looking at the code briefly I can't figure out why it doesn't work. Essentially it's writing the right value to the DB as a TimeStamp but for some reason the DB doesn't interpret it properly and tries to use it as a number instead. If people running servers with transferring don't notice these errors though and do after this mod I will look into it further. Please let me know. I've also decided I don't want to be paid for this and have removed all donation links. Please don't take offense. I was never in this for the money but wanted to do something people found useful. The fact that you were offering money for it indicated you and others thought this was useful and I wanted a basic form of the capability for my own personal use so I figured why not try. Have fun! -Tyson
  21. Not bad. I originally expected around 40 hours of work to add server transfer (hence my week+ comment) but at about 25 hours now it's mostly done. Should be a bit less than 100 hours for the whole mod. The transfer seems to work properly for the tokens, animals, animal skills, animal items, animal offspring. It doesn't transfer brands or village permissions as the village the brand is for won't exist on the new server. On transfer if the tokens were on a boat the tokens and the animals are properly destroyed on the source server (in the database as well) but I'm still struggling to handle destroying the animal tokens carried in a person's inventory. The problem is that the code isn't very definitive when the player transfer completes/succeeds. There seem to be multiple places this can happen and it seems like it can fail very late in the process even after the player finishes transferring to the new server. The unmodified transfer code doesn't bother cleaning up these items but instead when the user transfers back to the original server they wipe these items then. This causes problems for animal tokens because you can then end up with multiple tokens for the same animal causing grief (for those programming-inclined animal tokens are essentially like pointers or references to the animals.) Catching all those edge cases seems impossible/brittle so I'm continuing to see if I can find a way to identify that the player successfully transferred and then delete the animals in their inventory at that point. If not the fallback will be to disable transferring tokens in your inventory, they'll have to be in the boat or they'll get flagged as 'won't be transferred' and they'll be available if you transfer back. TL;DR - Still on track for end of this week to release a version to test.
  22. Unfortunately I don't think it'll let you put it in a chest but you could put it in a boat and sell a key to the boat.