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  1. Sorry I've been sick and still am. I'll look into these things in the next week or so. Trading=> Hmm. I thought it was just No_Trade that needed to be removed. It worked in my testing but I might have accidentally used a GM character to test (my bad). If it requires removing No_Drop I'll probably just put No_Trade back and retract the claim that it works. No_drop adds in a ton of edge cases I don't have time to check. Small boats=> This won't work on carts as per Razor's request but it should work on small boats if enabled. Can you check your server.log file to make sure it says small boats are enabled in there? Also, what boat did you test against? I've only tried rowboat for small a so it's possible there's a problem with sailboats. Thanks, -Tyson
  2. Thank you both for the kind words. I'm glad you are enjoying it!
  3. You're too kind. You should have seen the first several things I tried that didn't work. I'm glad you're finding it helpful. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the code. -Tyson
  4. Sorry about that. Forgot to copy up the binary. Fixed now. -Tyson
  5. Version 0.5 released. Added two new configuration flags: enableServerTransferLogging defaults to true and will put more information into the log to help with debugging issues. enableServerTransfer defaults to true. Setting to false will prevent animal tokens from transferring to new servers but unfortunately while it warns you they won't transfer if you decide to transfer anyways the tokens on a vehicle (like a boat) will be lost. Tokens in a player's inventory will be restored when they come back to the originating server. Updated to the newest server mod loader/launcher, 0.19. Please make sure you update this and install the same versions of this mod and the mod loader on all servers that are connected.
  6. Thanks Razor. I'm going to release a version soon here that you can enable more debugging statements in which will help. Turns out this isn't that easy. I added a setting to disable the server transfer code and make the item 'Server Bound' but it turns out the unmodified server code doesn't handle server bound items on vehicles only in player inventories. They probably don't need to because I'm guessing all server-bound items can't be dropped or put on boats. So while the item won't transfer it also won't get 'replaced' on the vehicle (aka boat) when you get back. So the item becomes lost in the DB unattached to anything. I would have to modify the server to handle this which is back to having server transfer modifications... Note I tested this with a Merchant Contract as well. You can't place them in a boat but I force it to go there using the DB and it behaves the same. Warns you it won't transfer but doesn't come back like it does in player inventories. I'll leave the setting in there in case you just want to warn people not to leave them in the boat and if they do it'll 'poof' but up to you. I don't have time now to make it so that server transfers of tokens can properly recover the tokens on re-entering the server. If you know of some item that works like this in WU please let me know and I can check the code to see if it's easy to just duplicate that behavior. I'm going to check that things are still working in my test case (I move a horse with a saddle and a sheep, one on a cog and one in my inventory between two servers of the same type) and then I'll release a version with debugging and server transfer defaulted to 'true' but then can be turned off. Have fun! -Tyson
  7. Updated to 0.4. Thanks to bdew for creating the ModComm API and updating this mod to use it.
  8. People are probably doing this but just to make sure, you're installing the mod on all the servers with the same IDs for the tokens right?
  9. I can add an option to disable server transfers. This is the first I'm hearing that it doesn't work though. Perhaps someone can provide more details on what's being tried and what goes wrong? In my testing a saddle on a horse transferred fine but if you know of something specific that doesn't transfer I can look into fixing that.
  10. Released now and at version 0.4. Sets kingdom to player's kingdom when it is redeemed. Enabled trading of tokens and checks to make sure the token can't be redeemed while being traded As usual, please let me know if you find any problems. I'm considering this mod done for now unless someone finds a bug or asks for a feature I find interesting. Have fun! -Tyson
  11. Ok my change should be fine then. I'll push it to github later today when I'm in front of my computer and cut a new release which I'll consider released for now. Thanks for the info!
  12. Not sure it this does exactly what you want but it might be an option. Requested by Razor it allows converting animals to tokens that can then be loaded on boats and unloaded/returned to animals later. It supports cross-server although there is some confusion yet about the kingdom of the animal if switching between a PvP and a non-PvP server. If you don't want to deal with the NPC or the cost there are options to change that in the properties file. Have fun, -Tyson