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  1. [16:34:01] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in just under two hours.
  2. Sorry Ginodeal but auction ended before your offer. Item is COD to Alubaczewski. Please close this topic. Thank you.
  3. HI, Three things every bug report should include: # What happened - [09:35:28] You cannot dig in such terrain. - or dredge on wooden planks paving on corners that are connected to other wooden planks # What you expected to happen - to be able to dig/dredge - I have few canals that I made before using same method (you can check it on deed Clint Eastwood and John Wayne Market on Xanadu) # Steps to reproduce - just try to dig on wooden planks paving on corner that is connected to other wooden floors - GM tried also and told me its a bug and to report it to here (ticket 153534) Additional notes: # If we cannot reproduce a bug it will take a LOT longer to fix - If needed come to my deed and I'll show how # Too much info is better then too little info - On some other pavings it works normally as before # Don't be afraid to bump old reports if they are still valid BR, Komunalac
  4. Hi, I'm behind a firewall and I have set up putty tunnel to my proxy (proxy is outside of firewall). Java network connection is set up to use that proxy via socks on same port as defined in my putty tunnel.I have also forced jp2launcher.exe to go trough proxy with ProxyCap app.Login and update is working like a charm but when I try to connect to server I get message:An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.I'm out of ideas and need help Help me to play my game from work Sry for bad english and thanks for help.
  5. Had to drop over 20k dirt with this crap and I can drop only 13 dirt at the time ... endless pain ... bump
  6. Komunalac 71FS - count me in
  7. Xanadu Map

    Hi, Awesome map! http://xanadu-wurm.rhcloud.com/#mark/2597/5910/5 (on top of the canal) Deed / Market Name: Clint Eastwood And John Wayne Market Canal is still there and it will stay for good to connect east and west side. BR Komunalac
  8. -1 sorry but as Silakka said - griefing could be an issue here
  9. More ppl like them, and where did you get that info ... as far as I know a lot more ppl hate it -1 from me for whole drop menu idea