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  1. pm me in-game if interested!
  2. Founded a new Deed today! Light's Hope (900, 385) between Chateau Des Lacs and Skyhold Harbour
  3. Hello, I was searching info in the ingame wiki when I had '[' mistyped in the search, which resulted in the following message: Failed to open[ Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL:[ I tested it further then and I found out that this bad response happens with: [ , { , ] , } , [] , {} (those are the characters I tested after that I stumbled with that). The error was reported to a GM and I was advised to put it here in the forums. Probably the input will have to be sanitized in another way, I don't really know.
  4. there you go! thanks
  5. Welcome to the first Krow's garage sale - deed kickstarter edition Here is the thing, I found some items roaming through the map and I was willing to sell them so I can place my first deed. ~ Item List ~ Decorations: - 2x Gold candelabra (QL 10 & 7) - 1x RARE lindenwood high bookshelf (QL 45) [SOLD] - 1x Gold hanging lamp (QL 4) - 1x Gold hanging lamp head (QL 5) - 1x Yule goat (QL 99) [SOLD] Gems: (1c p/ ql) - 5x Opal - 5x Ruby - 2x Diamond - 4x Emerald - 2x Sapphire - 15x Source crystal (might be included for free) Misc.: - 12x Yellow potion (QL AVG 81) Note: If you are interested in something please leave a comment here or contact me in-game, I'm near Green Dog @Deliverance *QL AVG = quality average