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  1. SERVER IP: Port: 3724 MAP (4069) Map can be found at the following link: FEATURES -Modified priest restrictions. all priests can build/dig/pave no priests can do archery -Extra mob types added in -Bounty mod -Hand crafted map -Centralized hota -4x Skill gain 3x Timers SERVER MODS -Better digging -Boat mod -Bounty mod -Bulk transport mod -Creature mod -Crop mod -Inbreed warning mod -Meditation mod -Move to center mod -Prospect mod -Salve mod SERVER DESCRIPTION The Virgin Islands Reborn is a 3x skill gain/4x timers PVP server hosted on a paid for dedicated server in NA. Our goal is to provide a server with as little Admin intference as possible and only when needed. RULES No cheating This means don't use client-side mods that let you know or do significantly more than what a player using the default client could know or do. Whether or not a mod violates this rule is up to the admins. Mods that do not violate this rule include the Live Map mod, the Compass mod, the Better Tooltips mod, and the Action Numbers mod. If a mod is purely cosmetic e.g. the No Winter mod it's fine, too. Don't abuse the server This means don't try to take the server down, exploit bugs in the server software, create a million alts, etc. Just use common sense and you'll be fine. Don't make giant walls out of dirt/sand/etc. around your deed. Huge dirt walls are not only ugly, but they make raiding a settlement a massive chore, and defending a settlement kind of boring. This is not fun, and as a PvP server we've decided to disallow the building of giant natural walls. As a rule of thumb, if you have to climb over a slope it to get past it, it's too tall. This will be enforced on a case by case basis. Only hire up to seven spirit shadows/templars to protect your deed. Another aspect of PvP we found not to be fun was the fact that a sufficiently rich village could hire as many guards as they want, sometimes upwards of 50(!). This meant that rich players didn't even have to try - if they were attacked by other players, they could just let their guards zerg rush the enemy. In order to successfully raid a settlement you need to defeat its guards, and raiding a settlement with that many templars/shadows is just unfeasible. To prevent snowballing and help new deeds compete, we're limiting the number of guards a deed is allowed to hire to seven, more than enough to handle any creatures, and small raids, but not enough to do all the work in the event of a real attack. If you need to defend your deed, you'll have to get your hands dirty. With that said we hope to see you on our server. Feel free to ask any questions below!
  2. The server files were lost thanks to some bug with Citadel Servers, files got corrupted. Alternative is starting up from a week and a half old backup (server being three weeks old), but considering the ammount of problems and bugs that are the result of handling a Wurm server coupled with constant server provider problems, admin has decided to cut losses and regroup, since he doesn't feel confident that bug won't repeat itself and cause people to lose progress once again. Advice others not to use Citadel for their Wurm hosting. My apologies to people who invested time with us only to find this happen, but these issues were unforeseen when we decided to host.
  3. Yeah, there's very little option on the PVP side right now, and that's the biggest reason why we decided to create this server. Give people a place where they can develop skills and not reach to 99 in a week and have nowhere to go from there, but at the same time have the danger and the risk/reward feeling that comes with PVP. We're discussing fatigue. For now we're leaving it on because while macroing is allowed, maybe having fatigue on nerfs it a bit for those who don't macro. Even with fatigue on you can macro 16 hours a day, so it won't be a problem with most people. Even so, it's something we're checking out and might be taken out soon. Also, and update on the server, there's a few separate deeds already, more than one village per kingdom apart from the main ones and there's been some good PVP action so far, boats have been stolen and shots have been fired. Join in!
  4. Actually that hasn't been tested thoroughly yet. As with many things regarding player gods, everything is randomised, even the passive abilities. Spell lists are easier to check on since you just do that, but regarding their passive abilities, there is nowhere you can look at other than player testing, which is why it took so long for WO player gods to have theirs recognised and even in some cases still unknown. I can understand that, although for me it's the grind that makes Wurm PVP worthwhile, which is why we made this a bit slower rates than other PVP servers. Every time you fight you know it's your weaponsmith's weapons you fight with, your platesmith's crafted armor and that you're carrying with you a tiny bit of their grind on you, and it's all been a collaborative effort just to get there, so winning or losing becomes that much important and victory feels all the sweeter. When you have nothing to lose, you also have nothing to win.
  5. Thanks! Hopefully we'll see you around inside as well! As a bit of an update, there's now well established deeds in all three factions after about a week of the server being up, already within the top 10 of population at most times of the day, and everyone's still getting set up and grinding their skills from the bottom up. It's a good moment to join if interested to join in on the early game.
  6. We wanted a lot of room to explore for the most part, and it also gives space for people who want to settle far away for whatever reason. Initially, every faction starts in the Eastern island with HOTA in the middle of the same, so most of the action will happen there, and all founded deeds have been there so far. Having more space to explore and find rare creatures is always a nice thing, plus there might be future additions of NPC challenges and such for people to do while on downtime and such, which are being researched and thought of right now.a l Basically, a large map just gives more breathing space, specially looking towards the future, so we thought it'd be something nice to have.
  7. We're not doing skill imports for now, we want people to start from the same level and try and get a fairer field of opportunity for everyone. Sorry, we were down for a couple of hours implementing the last big feature which was the BL Gods. Wurm Programming makes it extremely hard for player gods not to go WL, and took a lot of testing and tryouts to get it right. First post has been updated containing the information of the gods, with their spell lists. The WL god Roamin turned out pretty good, the others are a bit more hit and miss, but this is completely random always.
  8. Delete Please