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  1. New server needing staff must have some exp in wurm and with helping others don't have to have GM exp will train I have rented the server for a year so i plan on being around for some time if interested please post here or message me. Tell me what you think would make you a good fit for the team i hope to build. The server will be PVP and modded Plan on custom map in the near future there will be nonpvp zones.and events with rewards, Also if you have friends who might be a good fit please send them to this post. I may also be Reached at phoenixfire.wurm.unlimited@gmail.com http://phoenixfirepvp.enjin.com/home https://twitter.com/PhoenixFireWurm Edit from here down added. At this time the settings are Epic / 5x skill/ 5 x timers when i get the full team the server needs we are going to have a meeting with staff on where we want the server to go. I feel with more than one person putting ideas on the table it will make the server better. Characteristics start value: 23 Mind Logic Start 25 Fight Skill start 10 Action speed Multiplier 5.0 Max Creatures 10.000 Aggressive Creatures Percentage % 30 Free Deeds: And the account online is 200 adding Mods as i go will list as soon as i find the ones we feel are best for server. Like i said tho this could change as we develop and grow Also have a mumble server. Thank you, sincerely. Loki