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  1. I like to use a wagon but often do not off deed to the lack of being able to see aggros approaching or what is in the area around. Could we have an option to build a wagon without a cover or be able to remove the cover that is already on it ? Thank you for your consideration Savronne
  2. If its run by the creators of Wurm I use my charge card... if its run by players i will only deal with in game money due to the huge problem one wurm on line player caused when they cheated a great number of players out of their money via pay pal.
  3. Thanx for the post Vidi. Right clicking on the icon then picking start with graphical processor fixed my problem with the ground showing textures that weren't there
  4. If 67 ql is okay for cotton and can donate cotton towards the imp along in the next several months
  5. Hurry back yam....u r missed