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  1. New rift feb 5th

    Thanks for the info, do you know the timing?
  2. I was mining - I think I hit an important cable - sorry!!!
  3. Hi, I'd like that hatchet with C89, for 89c I believe Please COD it to Stony, thanks!
  4. Wyvern Island

    Welcome back to Wurm, best of luck with your project!
  5. Very sad to hear, sincere condolences.
  6. Sorry, not very familiar with Indy, what are the coords on the Albia Roads Map ? 62X / 50Y ? Thanks!
  7. Hey, Jive, I had a minor problem with the horses (it has now been resolved).  When I "looked" at the horse's equipment I didn't see the usual window and I was unable to equip a saddle.  I saw this - 



    After asking about it in the help channel I was referred to 



    The problem seems to exist on horses of a certain age.  You might check all your "aged" horses and get support to fix them.






    1. Jive


      oh weird!  i wasn't aware!!


      Did you get your issue resolved though at least?

  8. Rift 23.06.2016

    Died twice, horse killed but it was fun At least I recovered my saddle, horseshoes and barding! And thanks to the healers!
  9. Goblin Leader Slaying

    Yes, nice job by the hosts!
  10. Very nice, great job!
  11. Nice idea Vortexxx! A big crowd in Summerholt Looking forward to the excitement!
  12. Hi, I would take that rare rope tool for 2S if you still have it! Please send it COD. Thanks, Stony
  13. Hello Xanadu

    Hi, welcome to Wurm! I am near Summerholt, where are you? Xanadu is big so finding out who your neighbors are is important. People are pretty friendly and informative, so don't hesitate to ask questions in CA chat. Have fun, good luck in the game
  14. Xanadu Map

    HI, please add the Summerholt Tunnel! Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the engrossing world you and your team have created!