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  1. If this set is still available, I am interested.
  2. Really? First you guys drop a KoS on Wingfoot & his friend (and in all likelyhood will cut them out of the future looting), & now you turn his post into a recruitment campaign. Very disappointing behaviour from fellow Wurmians.
  3. Bought a knarr. Please close post.
  4. I'd like to buy a knarr. Send me an offer & hopefully we can do business.
  5. sry, didn't click on 'notify me of replies', so did it with this one.
  6. If the knarr is still available, I'd like to buy it. EDIT: sorry, I no longer need it. I bought one from someone else. Hope you find another buyer.
  7. I keep erasing what I was writing in chat by accidentally pressing the down key. I would either like to see this function gone, or an option to turn it off, please.
  8. Ok, so clearly I didn't know how ceramic knives were made (figured they weren't very different than the ceramics what were once used). But as to functionality, this link clearly demonstrates that a ceramic carving knife might actually work. All in all, guess this idea should be scrapped.
  9. I was skilling my pottery & weapon smithing at the same time and thought "It would be cool if we could make ceramic knives". Not sure if a ceramic carving knife is very realistic, but I'm sure a ceramic butchering knife would make sense. Figured I'd throw it out there and see what the rest of you think.
  10. I recently ran into a construction problem because I thought guard towers were solid and had planned on using two sides as walls. After asking in help about it, I was informed that my only options were to either demolish my project, or the tower, & rebuild; neither were very appealing. Because the only reason I thought the guard towers were solid is because they 'look' solid, I figure if the main level of the tower 'looked' to have arched walls instead of solid ones (& an unclimbable ladder inside, so it still looks functional) it might prevent others from making the same mistake.
  11. After reading everyone's posts (& wondering why I didn't get notifications about them), I'd like to amend my suggestion by adding that an additional skill be made for non-priests to use a scroll, "Scroll Use"(?). Maybe that way it would mess with the calculations too much, & give the opportunity to create lesser scrolls, (stuff to be used in combat [offensive or buffs], or maybe odd things like levelling a tile from 10 tiles away) that would be used to raise it.
  12. I'm not extensively familiar with the spells that priests can cast, but I think it would be interesting if priests could create scrolls that could be used by non-priests to cast Strongwall, for example, but with some added difficulty so it's still better to actually get a priest player to do it. It could also give the Papyrusmaking skill greater usefulness.