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  1. Maybe the functionality to let us set our own defaults? Now that would be useful ^^
  2. Main point is just for fun, not some form of actual research as, many have pointed out, it misses out a huge number of very important factors. Just interesting to see how much silver people currently have. It obviously misses things like income rate, asset value, even character value could come into play too I suppose as they are worth silver too. It would be impossible to get a proper picture of what the distribution is like, however it's just a fun metric seeing how currently silver is distributed. A graph showing silver/time would be interesting, to see the fluctuations. (As many have said, most people only have silver for short periods in order to buy specific items/upkeep/etc)
  3. That's exactly what I said at the start of my post...
  4. A lot more people towards the bottom of the poll than I expected. Then again, there is most likely quite a large bias towards those with a lot of silver and those who are most active on the forums. Stats so far: 11/42 have roughly 40g 31/41 have roughly 10g Top 25% have 80% of the silver. Bottom 75% have 20% of the silver. *really rough estimates* Quite the imbalance
  5. *Gender change too. Or through a separate trader item...I would pay good money for such an option and I am sure many others would too. More customization is always great.
  6. Would be interested to see the figures on that and other financials in Wurm, such as the top 5% and bottom 20% etc to get an idea of the distribution of silver.