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  1. Hello, and thank you for considering Pure Wurm as your next server. I will try to make this description brief. The vision of our server is that of the original Wurm Online: freedom. Freedom to make kingdoms, make war, and make babies (betweent two consenting animals, of course (forgive me for my bad humor, you will not have to put up with it much longer)).If you are interested, please leave a comment saying you are. Once 10-20 people have pledged to join.In addition, I invite you to take part in decision making process of the new server, so if you are interested, please answer the following question in your comment:-Are you interested in the server using the epic curve?-Are you intersted in allowing player Gods?-Are you intersted in scenarios?Lastly, I will end with a promise: GM powers will never be used to harm, or aid players, unless necessary to fix a glitch, and money will never be accepted for any reason, except as donations to keep the server running, and will grant no benefits.I hope this has convinced you to share in the genuine Wurm Online experience!Edit: The server will be opened as soon as enough people express interest, proboably 10-20. Additionally, the server will be hosted 24/7, so you can play any time!