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  1. [FIXED] Village name bug

    It appears that the village's name, Soulus Highlands, is bugged. Action taken: placed on recruiting list by non prem char, Bluecipher typed /join village Soulus Highlands (using many variants to include " and <) recieve: Unable to find a village with that name: soulus CA Help chat [08:36:07] <Lothiriel> How do I join a village that has a name with a space? I have been put on the recruit for Soulus Highlands. ... [08:37:19] <Timothymarker> Loth, /join villagename does not work? [08:38:07] <Lothiriel> [08:37:57] Unable to find a village with that name: Soulus [08:38:20] <Lothiriel> "/join village Soulus Highlands" ... [08:41:21] <Lothiriel> I can when a premium char is avalable. PM from Timothymarker [08:47:46] <Timothymarker> It seems that is a bug with the space in the name, please make a bug report here: [08:47:48] <Timothymarker> http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/28-server-bugs/ [08:47:58] <Lothiriel> thank you
  2. Sermons for all priests - Voice coms added

    She is sending my priestess, Lotheriel. I will bring her (Nahjo) and probably another priest, Wrena (Vynora)..
  3. Sermon group

    I have a Nahjo priestess and a friend has a Vynora priest that are looking for a sermon group. We will be those two plus me making a party of 3 to add to the group. Perhaps the friend will also send his alt to make 4 to listen and two to preach.
  4. NEXA Market & Sanctuary(Sermons) - East of Summerholt

    I am interested in a sermon group for two priests. When y'all get the next one going, please let us know.
  5. We need coffe in the game!

    Hear! Hear! It would be a great bean to roast then steep. Fits well with the system.

    COD to Droldle please. Thank you much.
  7. Barham Enchanted Wares

    COD to Droldle, please
  8. Leathercity - your new home :)

    Mayor Arrjay and the lady Jasminth have been quite a great help. I have had an excellent first three days. The town is growing. I like the planning by Tinaskat was top notch, many resources near. I look forward to adding to the city.