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  1. So far this program has saved me a LOT of trial and error. Though I'd like to ask if there any ETA on "Added "Import heights from game" height edition mode"? This would make my planning life a lot easier on WU on a 60x60 deed. Thanks!
  2. A few big projects have started on Mystic Highlands. The community tunnel is still going strong. Eloshan has taken the lead in digging a canal from the Silver Mermaid Bay to The Great Lake. And I've been working on a bridge across the narrowest point of the Silver Mermaid Bay. Lots of people are helping out or delivering building materials. It never stops amazing me how generous our players are with their time and resources.
  3. Personally I'd like Wurm to take this idea and get next-gen with it. Allow us to "microcraft" stuff like ovens, forges and fireplaces. There could be set items like a fuel hatch, chimney exit, and the front (where the fire is displayed or the pots & pans are) Allow players to build up their own system, how big and tall as they like. Provide bricks in the editor, maybe wooden planks and iron bars in different shapes and sizes. Let people be creative, make a blueprint out of it where the difficulty to build this item is calculated from the complexity of the design. Games like rising world and planet explorers have this kind of microcrafting, and it's tons of fun.
  4. Spring has returned to Mystic Highlands!
  5. In WO patch notes: https://www.wurmonline.com/2017/05/18/5819/ It was stated that: "Skillgain for anything that produces liquid has been scaled by the amount of liquid created." Does this apply to the latest patch of WU as well? My limited testing concluded as followed (creating lye): 45kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5503 5kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5568 Which doesn't seem as if this change was applied to WU. Can anyone clarify if this is a possible result of mods that the server I'm playing on has, or if the change didn't make it to WU? Thanks in advance, Iolo
  6. Reminder. Tonight the first Arena event happens. It's too late to enlist for a fight, but there is plenty of room for spectators. Come in and watch the show!
  7. She is gorgeous! Almost makes me want to convert.
  8. Tonight, Mystic Highlands can change forever. Arcadia, a trader from a distant land, is being chased by evil forces. We are meeting her tonight at her makeshift encampment, destroy whatever evil is chasing her and bring her to safety in Safehold. If we succeed, she will settle in our lands and use her connections to trade with us rare and exotic goods. Though there is no telling yet what those might be. If we fail, not only would evil prevail, but we'll get a bad reputation with the trade guild for being unable to have saved one of their prestigious members. When: Saturday July 22nd, 6:30 pm BST Where: Arcadia's encampment. Safe travel is offered by me. Everyone arriving at Heartwood between 5 and 6 BST will be ferried over from Lakeside Resort to Arcadia's camp. There will be a ship transporter available for those who want to transfer a larger ship from the ocean to the inner lake. Equipment advise: Besides armour, weapons and cotton, it will be useful to be on a cart or horseback. We're starting in the middle of the wilderness, so bring a tent and a hatchet. Brave scouts made their way to Arcadia's camp last night, approaching from the west. They report a Fir and chestnut forest, fields of thorns, and a den with hardened trolls. If Arcadia decides to travel south, all bets are off. Tactics: Stay close to Arcadia's caravan, and keep an eye on your health. Allow the plate wearers to soak up the damage, and lure mobs carefully. Should your health fall low, break away from the group and call out for help. Make your way to Machutan and/or Eliandra if you're in desperate need of healing. Take care of your own health first. The healers will be focused on the tanks primarily.
  9. This doesn't seem to be the case for lye: 45kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5503 5kg : Natural substances increased by 0.0065 to 20.5568
  10. I would like to add that guards on Wurm Unlimited have the same issues since the latest patch.
  11. Today the server-wide fishing event happened. The participants went out on two knarrs, with the challenge of either catching the highest QL, lowest QL or heaviest fish. This challenge made the simple act of fishing a matter of tactics. Valiance giving out the prizes: Thank you Valiance and Kaylie for this fun and enjoyable event!
  12. Youtuber and Wurm player Zephyr Storm visits the Mystic Highlands server under the name Calaway. This first video in a possible series shows how to connect to the server using the Wurm Unlimited client, and what new players will discover in and around the spawn area, Safehold.
  13. The warmer spring breeze sweeps over the Mystic Highlands and smelts the snow. Not a moment too soon, since more warnings are arriving about a band of Goblins marching from the North, South to Safehold. They will arrive in about 10 Wurm days. Please, heed this call, and come to protect Safehold from being overrun by this vermin! As a nexus for trade and travel we cannot risk this town being conquered by the Green Menace. Not to mention losing access to the auction house and the community tunnel project and facilities! (The event to defend Safehold will start on Sunday 25th of June, 6:30pm BST)
  14. Right now our archery competition is taking place. Thirteen contestants are vying for first place.
  15. The band of fighters got together sooner than expected. After an intensive fight, BobĀ² was converted into some meals.