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  1. mate dont leave wurm over this. just take a break and put in a support ticket about the griefing
  2. should definitely add more time to your fatigue timer
  3. my fs didnt get nerfed when i came over but yeah.
  4. i know this after living on epic for 4 years so i agree with you on this point. but the only complaint ive heard from the groups i hang with is the skill drop. they would come to freedom and play more often if the skill drop wasn't a current main account is from epic and that skill drop is still hurting over 50% of my skills i think and its been a few months.
  5. if they would be willing to let the players who still play on epic come to freedom with no skill lose im certain players would come back just to switch to freedom and play. I have friends that refuse to leave epic because of the skill drop when swapping and it frustrates me that its even an issue. Support the players that have supported wurm! Even if they got skill gain buff because of epic, players on freedom are at the same skill level if not higher so it doesn't matter anymore.
  6. i think the craziest thing i had happen was i got launched across the map somehow my first week into wurm. i think it was a bug because i couldnt recreate it again but it was weird af i died on impact