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  1. Price Check - Saraski

    50e ish is what i would say. sadly the market isnt what it used to be
  2. Name and Shame: Legios

    Now Now does it really hurt your feelings gumbo to have someone say something that involves you? Ive been in an alliance with legios for years and never had a bad instance with him. Gumbo if you have an issue with someone learn to resolve it with said person like and adult, instead of running to the forums to whine about it. You are dragging an alright guy down with your bs simple as that.
  3. [Sold] WTS Account/Items - WS affinity

    what server is the account on?
  4. around 50 seems reasonable for this account. ive seen a lot of people under valuing accounts recently and its kind of sad to see people actually fall for it and sell their accounts for less than they are worth.
  5. WTB priest account

    but in the future if you want someone to sell you accounts it helps to put the skills you want and at what level.
  6. WTB priest account

    yeah because of the new priest re work everyone got a transfer to switch to any god.
  7. WTB priest account

    would help if you posted skills and god you want the priest to be. not all have transfers
  8. wtb main account

    would help if you posted some skills you would like it to have.
  9. WTS Tome of incineration

    i got mine for my priest at 30s so snoo is in the right range
  10. sad to see you leave my friend take care o/
  11. Iron Man Challenge

    Just a quick update on this. Sorry for not streaming the past few days i haven't been feeling well. I will be returning to this challenge tomorrow at 10am cst.
  12. Increase mob amount on indy