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  1. Hatchet steel 5QL (coc79) Price 40c COD to Thedavor
  2. 80ql studded leather armor set for 1s? COD to Thedavor if it's ok. Thanks
  3. bow, willow 80ql - 50c mortar and pestle, marble 50ql WOA68 - 30c COD to Thedavor
  4. Pickaxe iron 14QL (coc79) Price 40c Rake iron 19QL (coc77) Price 40c Grooming brush 19QL (coc78) Price 40c Butchering knife iron 05QL (coc79) Price 40c COD to Thedavor Thanks
  5. All 55 Silver coins for 45 Euro, or 1 S = 0.9 Eur. Payment VIA paypal