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  1. Valrei International. 050

    I forgot that Launcelot was one of the founding fathers of Wurm and knows what they had in mind when creating the game.
  2. Impalong tempory portals

    That's why WoW is a more successful MMO. Wurm has no immersion at all.
  3. Impalong tempory portals

    That's more of a problem with Wurm than actual players. Would rather they fix this problem than work around and base updates on it. Next thing you know we'll be having assigned time slots to take part in big community events.
  4. Impalong tempory portals

    What's so bad about people not wasting their gaming time traveling from point a to point b? I haven't gone or plan on going to any impalong because non are nearby my deed and the only reason I would go is to help imp. I don't have a need to get my things imped or casted to go through the headache of traveling and relogging cause of travelers lag. You mean the less than 5 mins it takes to leave a persons' local on boat or horse. I find that to not be the best time to meet the locals especially since they are most likely to be afk or don't notice till you get out of local range.
  5. Impalong tempory portals

    +1 to portals. Don't know why all the Scrooges are -1 a quality of life suggestion. If you think portals will make Wurm not feel like Wurm, newsflash bud that's your opinion of what Wurm is. Wurm is more than traveling and wasting hours. Take it from an old-timer like me if you don't like any of the new/old in Wurm you don't have to use it.
  6. foutains on highway

    in·te·gral adjective necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental. I disagree, removing decay on fountains will not break Wurm or cause people to lose interest in the game. No one says I like Wurm or was attracted to Wurm because I could repair stuff. Crafting is integral to Wurm not repairing. For those complaining that you won't be able to grind repairing skill, if you had been repairing these fountains that are decaying this thread wouldn't have been made. I would suggest add a spell that will stop decay on fountains/wells or an item (craftable e.g catseye) you can attach.
  7. +1 Maybe they can use this to revamp the Old Godspells and make them worth having again.
  8. Wurm musicplayer/radio

    Copyright infringement.
  9. fast travel portals

    Yeah you can't really compare Wurm to Skyrim, two very different games. All you would be missing out by teleporting from a starter town to the other is being chased by mobs and checking if someone forgot to secure their deed/carts/boats. Other than that you aren't missing anything that will make you say "Gee whiz I sure am glad i spent 5 hours traveling to help a newb, but now they have logged off for the night, oh well". The point of having a huge world is for people to deed where they want to having teleports isn't going to make people disband deeds and cram into a single area. If anything it would encourage people to have deeds on opposing sides of the map. Look at Xanadu some people might feel like having a southern/northern deed because of its mob distribution and green/blue grapes to name a few. +1 to take it a bit further they can make it so that mayors can "tune" an epic portal to their deed and people can teleport to that deed if the mayor gives them permission.
  10. Meal and Pizza generator

    New button works fine now.
  11. Meal and Pizza generator

    Using the new method I get the error: There is already an object named 'tblChecksum2' in the database.
  12. Musical instruments

    Sounds all good until Wurm get a lawsuit for players stealing copyrighted music.
  13. Ugly Rift rewarding system needs an overhaul!

    That would just enable someone to taunt the mobs before they die. In effect stealing the points from the original player that took 90% of the mobs hits.
  14. Remove Lye From Concrete Creation

    If people need concrete they will make it they aren't gonna wait 5+ years till it is simplified.