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  1. Hey I know it is not on your list, but I know woad can be used for clothes in cloth tailoring. Are you willing to buy those?
  2. In addition, I would also suggest making it where there is a server wide announcement(on that pvp server) when a deed token has been resettled. Why? Well It makes moving the token put you at risk of being a target. So basically it would say in event on that pvp server: "The settlement of x has moved their deed token." I also like the making sure enemy players are not in the area so people have to go hunt that bastard in local preventing them from moving their token. Can make it where lower CR players can play hide and seek with people who wanna kill em.
  3. Not a bad idea. As long as it fits with the 5 minimal tiles going all directions from the token(5,5,5,5 for the minimal deed), then I think it would work well enough. +1
  4. Is that just cotton ones or does that include wool ones?
  5. Xanadu down?

    Getting the same thing. I am noticing though before I login, the server list and its population is not showing.
  6. -1 No. This feature is highly unnecessary. It would not put any dent on the current competitors and would only make it more difficult to get new breeders into the market. This feature only seems to make it to where you have an edge on your future competition. However I will give an alternative suggestion. How about the introduction of a negative trait. I am thinking that it can be a sterile one. Genesis can still heal it and breeders of all levels will still have to worry about it instead of just new breeders.
  7. +1 Though I would like to add that with an ivy wall, make the requirement to use 1-2 ivy seedlings.
  8. Would also make dye even more desired. +1
  9. Browsing the town square, I saw a topic regarding fatigue timer. A couple other people and I were looking into an idea that might not satisfy everyone affected, but could always help anyways. I know that the spell wisdom of vynora can take away some fatigue time in order to add sleep bonus is a thing and so there are people in that area who might be running into fatigue issues. Another understandable complaint is people talking about how long you have to wait in order to get full fatigue time back. I would say a proposed solution should be to implement the option for a rocking chair/recliner chair to allow one to recover fatigue vs sleep bonus or even allow some sort of half and half. I would think since you get 1 hour of fatigue every 3 hours irl, that the rate of recovery should be at x4 for fatigue so that you get 4 hours of fatigue a day vs the 1 hour you get of sleep bonus. In this way, you can have a full 12 hours of fatigue after a day(8 hours after 24 irl hours + 4 hours of fatigue bonus sleeping). This will make furniture useful somewhat. ______ Second idea would to make sitting at a table in a chair while eating also recover roughly 30-45 seconds of fatigue per 1% of food you recover when eating at a table. This would also give some use to these things in the game. ____ I know these suggestions are not perfect and I know not everyone will like them. This is only an attempt to try and give some reasonable solution that can probably be implemented much better than I am stating. Feel free to let me know what you think and even add your own ideas. I would also like to thank Pearjade and Seriphina for helping me with a back and forth on this.
  10. "cosmetic cash shop" " these new cash shop items are going to be superior to anything we can craft in-game. " Superior to what? they are COSMETIC. The garments we craft ingame is a form of armor. The items they are selling is non functional cosmetic items. They are also selling gender swapping mirrors with makeover. The day they start selling horses, moonmetal armor(or any armor really). newbie starting kits with a bunch of enchanted tools, xp boosters, etc., THEN there might be an issue. Until then, someone having pretty clothes or changing their gender or character look is not going to break the game and only put in more revenue for this game.
  11. Hey i need 1 log sent to me. a 90+QL Logs(2c/each) . send the log to dazama please
  12. awl, iron 11ql COC79 - 60c leather knife, iron 7ql COC64 - 20c needle, iron 15ql COC73 - 50c COD to dazama please