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  1. Lag

    Lag! It's been getting progressively worse for a couple of days now. But it isn't normal. I play with 3 characters logged in at once, and normally, if it was my internet lagging, the lag created would be across the board -- this is different. This is weird. One (or two) of my characters will be working fine, and one (or two) will be locked up. Different characters lock up at different times, not always the same ones. And I mean, totally locked up -- sometimes it says finishing, other times I click combine (I am making mortar since I can't do much else with this lag) and nothing happens at all. No chat progresses with this character. The combine button is dead, like it does nothing except light the dots up orange like it queued it properly..... But on my other character, Fizz, I see that she is creating the mortar, just that nothing is happening on her screen. I can have whole conversations with people with Fizz, chat moves np on Fizzs screen, but still nothing on the locked up char. So when I see with Fizz that she has stopped creating, I flip back to her screen (which is still locked up), click combine again to queue up more actions, and still nothing happens -- except when I flip back to Fizz, I see she is creating mortar as she should be. Not all of my characters are in the same area, though they are on the same server. It affects different characters at different times. The ones that do work will work slowly, intermittently, unpredictably. I timed a lock up once, it was 5 minutes long. I can't take her out to collect frags today because of it, and I am 5 fragments away from creating my own eagle statue, without having bought any pieces! I hope someone can help please, I need more frags to feed my newest obsession......
  2. Love this! Thank you! How do I do caves with it? Cannot find anything...
  3. That was not the point at all -- the point was to allow for more mobility without having to continuously embark / disembark a cart or a wagon. To be able to carry a little excess weight as you are walking around, leading a horse. (Which have notoriously been used IRL as pack horses and pack mules for this exact reason.) It makes little sense to be walking at a crawling speed, while leading a perfectly unencumbered pack animal. Any extra weight on the horse you are riding should of course contribute to it's speed. And HOORAYY!!!! Thank you for the long awaited addition!!
  4. Enchanted grass doesn't ever recover. I have seen paved tiles recover -- but extremely rarely. Few and far between. Rare enough to say that they don't.
  5. im speechless

    it's called a lag spike.
  6. @Retrogradethere is one thing I didn't add. I recently got a new FSB. Instead of storing my chopped herbs in one bin and my chopped veg in another, I consolidated all pizza ingredients into the one FSB. ie: I moved them all out of their original bins. if that helps...
  7. @RetrogradeI cooked the same recipe, this time manually chopping each veggie and grinding the spice. It gives me 11 hours and 47 minutes. But, As I said, I have cooked with pre-chopped veg before, so why does it not work for me now? And - is it supposed to?
  8. @LocathHi. I didn't accidentally add only half of the ingredients, I always check every ingredient thoroughly before I put it in the oven. If I don't do this, I always forget something. If I had missed an ingredient, the affinity I received would have been different. If I had prepared the food with the wrong toon, the affinity would have been wrong. Old timer had expired for sure: hence my previous post: I will correct myself here though: by 'none', I mean no cooking affinity. I do have a farming affinity for 3 more days, I keep that on all the time so don't think about it. There is no wrong FSB for me to pull from. I've consolidated all pre-chopped ingredients into an FSB. Pre-chopped has never bothered anything before, I've used prechopped before without issue. There are only two other bins. HQ and LQ, for meat sorting and basic ingredient storage. Meal ql is roughly the same as all of the others. @RetrogradeI made the meal again. It gives me 2hours and 52 minutes this time. It's another 69ql meal. I will try generating a new meal with same affinity and see if that works. Considering yesterdays other pizza (the one for my husband) was also a short timer for him, I hold little hope, but let's see. I will also try the same meal, without anything pre-chopped.
  9. I can do that, but not tonight. Besides the fact that I'm now falling asleep at my keyboard, I ate enough of the meal to give me another 5+ hours left of the timer... So, that will be gone tomorrow morning, and I can test it properly. I took a photo of the ingredients list so I will have it tomorrow. I may as well share the img here, because I can.
  10. Let me clarify. This morning I logged in and made a small cherrywood barrel, and filled it a little more than half full of passata for the pizzas I had to make today. I then made 2 pizzas, just like I always do. One for me, and one for my husband. I made his first. 74ql. I made mine second. 69ql. I used for the recipes. This is why I still have the recipe I used for the second pizza listed in my browser. I haven't closed it all day. I tasted the pizza. It was the correct affinity. I ate some pizza. I was expecting 10+ hours. I only checked the timer as a formality after eating some, and guessed I should have at least 12 hours worth. I was wrong, it only showed 3.5 hours. I then had my husband test his. Again, correct affinity, but the timer was nowhere near what it should have been. He got an hour. I tested pizzas made previously, the timers still worked as expected -- I got a full 12 hours from one bite of one (older) pizza. I left it alone all day. I came back more than 10 hours later, and checked my affinities. I had none, so I tried todays pizza again. It gave me 2 hours 35 minutes with first bite.
  11. I actually do, for one of them. (mine). The other ingredient list for the other pizza (which also gave a lowww timer for the character) was replaced when I made this one. Kurson: I do this all the time, and they normally give me 10+ hours. canine sausage, feta cheese, basil, belladonna, corn, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, lovage, mint, nettles, oregano, parsley, pea, pea pod, potato, rosemary, sage sassafras, thyme, tomato, barley dough, fried beef, ground cumin, minced game, passata, pinenut, raw bacon, roach. all veg and herbs were chopped, of course( or it wouldn't have worked to create a pizza, afaik.)
  12. I am a chef by necessity. I don't like cooking. With that understood, I do take the time and effort to make affinity pizzas for myself and my villagers. Thus, when I put 30 specific ingredients into a baking pan to create a pizza with a decent timer, it is painful when the timer turns out to be 2 hours, instead of the 10-12 I am used to. Please help! I finally chained myself in front of the oven today to make 2 pizzas to replace my old pizzas with the lesser ingredients and the lower timers (only 3 hours!). An hour or two later, I surface, happy that the chore I had been dreading for a week is finally complete. The meals are cooked. Then I took a bite and my heart sank. So I waited all day (it's been more than 10 hours later), and made sure there was no affinity timer up there again, and took another bite of todays pizza, to no avail. It gives me 2 hours and 35 minutes.
  13. I have wanted saddlebags for years. Now, especially with archaeology, it would be amazing to be able to throw some heavy frags into the pack of your horse that you lead around anyway. Or sprouts, or flowers, or olives, etc, if you're out harvesting things. Please? Pretty please? *throws in a cherry*
  14. Hi! Archaeology is fun. What would be really nice to see, though, is some kind of mouse over indication of whether a tile is picked clean or useable / interesting. Like sprouting, when trees have a sprout. Make it skill based, even if you must achieve 50 or even 70 archae skill before seeing the indication.
  15. You nailed it Olaf. All the animals are acting the way real animals do when they are terrified. This is why it is disturbing, unsettling. Humans are wired to take note of terrified animals, as for our ancestors, it generally meant there was something to be scared of. Like a predator lurking in the forest, before human senses could detect them. Funny how this leaves me unsettled, even in a game... but I don't like it.
  16. Please fix it! This is highly disturbing! My OCD is showing! **runs off to make hundreds of saddles**
  17. I would like the 8 rare horseshoes. Please message me in game. Thanks!
  18. thank you!! ((hugs))!! I spent so long looking for that earlier my brain hurts. lol
  19. In my surfing through the unlimited forums, I remember seeing a tool or a mod to add flowers to a newly created server, but I can't find it again now. Could anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks
  20. Thanks! Sorry, I can't add new breeds or anything. I just colour what is already available.
  21. Which what? I got this mod last week, and I just tried to add a new horse colour into the custom8 slot. (But I don't know what I'm doing, I'm just trying to make use of those 3 extra colour slots by following the pattern -- but using the custom8 slot didn't work for me.) Would this mod be disabling my ability to do so, or enabling those slots for use??