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  1. So after the update, when I lost livemap, here's what I did: 1. ran patcher.bat again, just in case 2. re-uploaded all the files (client modlauncher and livemap), extracted to WurmLauncher to overwrite the ones already in there 3. ran patcher.bat again 4. turned off computer and back on again, then re-started Steam and Wurm Unlimited EDIT: When I ran patcher, I got a notepad-looking window with a message to press any key to continue. That's why I believe I did successfully run it. Maybe I'm wrong?
  2. I did ensure the latest versions, and definitely ran the patcher. I'm not getting any error messages, just no livemap
  3. I had this mod and it worked great right up until the update, when it disappeared. I re-uploaded and extracted all the files to WurmLauncher folder (same as before), ran patcher.bat, but it wouldn't return. I'm not a techie, and can't imagine what I'm doing wrong. Any hints?
  4. Rare Storage

    I have a small cart dedicated to storage of rare planks, dirt, rock shards, etc. Not very convenient, but it beats dumping them on the ground or carrying them in inventory.
  5. They seem huge already, to me. We have had several Champion trolls that could easily look inside our 2nd story windows. I live in fear of a Champion fog spider showing up, one day. We get fog spiders every time it gets foggy, which is far too often to suit me.
  6. I love this, especially if anyone with Alchemy skill could make them (rather than needing to be a priest). Or maybe combine the two: first you need to use your Beverages skill to make juice or wine, then use your Alchemy skill to turn that juice/wine into a Potion. Potion QL capped by the juice/wine QL Chance of creation determined by Alchemy skill
  7. The Fog spiders freak me out so much, with their teleporting and phasing right into your otherwise-safe fenced areas, that I just have to turn the game off for a couple of hours once it gets foggy. Having a teleporting blob doesn't really help much with that phobia.
  8. If it's not too taxing, could someone please explain what this means? In noob language. :-)
  9. Egg uses

    There really seem to be very few uses for Eggs in this game, other than eating them raw and making sandwiches (both of which lower nutrition), or feeding to dogs and pigs. Would love to see a few new ones, such as: - Egg + Milk, in frying pan = Omelette (add Cheese, Feta cheese, or herbs to increase difficulty and QL) - would increase nutrition, like a Meal, if eaten hot - Egg in a frying pan = Fried egg, which can be used as meat in a Meal - also if it's hot it could increase nutrition when eaten on its own - Cakes really should require the use of Eggs, since that is one of the most important ingredients in RL. Maybe a special cake could need them, like an Angel Food cake? - Eggshells could be leftovers when you cook with eggs, and could then be ground with a Grindstone to create fertilizer for crops, perhaps boosting them by 0.1 QL each time they are used (once per crop) I have zero programming skill, so please someone let me know if this is something you can make happen! I'm on Freedom, Wurm Unlimited.
  10. I would like to see more sweeteners than just maple syrup. For example, honey or sugar beets. Both of those have been in use for at least as much human history as maple syrup, and might present some fun challenges. The bees could be huge and aggressive. The sugar beets could require processing (like in real life), by juicing, then cooking. Honey could also be used as a powerful ingredient in healing, as in real life, similar to the animal parts used in making a Healing cover. Eating honey or sugar raw could lower nutrition, but one of the 3 sweeteners (including maple syrup) could be required for making cakes -- or even a new item, Oatcakes, which would give excellent stamina boost. See where I'm going with this? Otherwise, we're waiting around for a whole year for the maple sap, which seems like a wasted opportunity for cool alternatives. I have zero programming skill, so please someone let me know if this is something you can make happen! I'm on Freedom, Wurm Unlimited.
  11. Hello!  May I have an account, please?  Would like to contribute.