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  1. With updates like this, I'd say the future is pretty secure
  2. Bump. Still on the hunt for a top smithing account. Hoping to reward someone's hard graft with a 1k+ buy out (depending on skills).
  3. Seen some great accounts but still currently looking for a single account with all these stated skills in the 90s
  4. Seems Like A Good Idea To Me Seriously, why can't they just use deed names in whatever case they are entered in, that way you "get what you asked for" and there can be no quibbles
  5. Unless I am doing something very wrong, the reality is it will take a lot longer than that anyway when you factor in the number of times you have to med before getting a skill tick and also presumes you have enough sleep bonus
  6. Thanks for the PMs. Still looking for that 1k+ euro account. Not in a hurry, willing to wait for the right account.
  7. I have a 1k euro budget, but will pay more for the right account Must have a minimum of 90 in Blacksmithing, Plate Armour Smithing, Weapon Smithing, Leatherworking and Mining and 70 in Meditating. All the other main skills being high will push the price up (of course) Freedom not Epic Don't need any items, just the account, don't care if it's not premium Accounts with bad rep will not be considered Confirmed Paypal PM me if you are interested in selling
  8. I don't know dadd but that did cross my mind. Top effort !! Do you think he would ever sell?
  9. Wow I see what you mean. You guys have incredible accounts. I might start saving up in case one of you ever decide to sell up