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  1. Well, color me confused. Deedmaker and Fishmonger just started working, the menu options are there now. I logged and, on a whim, right clicked a deedstake and the option was there to make a GMdeed on my GM that it has never worked on and Fishmonger was in the list of special > create. Thank you for no longer hating me (It's the only thing left that it could be) Many thanks to you and Batta for your assistance.
  2. Your mods obviously work because nobody has posted that they have this problem. The problem has to be on my end but, even you, the mod author, can find nothing to explain this. I am completely at a loss as to what to try, the mods load so the files can't be corrupted, reinstalling them hasn't worked, no luck with making a new GM. About the only thing I haven't tried is giving my main character lvl 5 GM powers temporarily. Does your Deedmaker or Fishmonger have this reload action and how do I use it?
  3. I tried that, thinking my GM was just cursed or broken. Same result. GM only options in menus are missing. Oddly mod added player menu commands are there, it's just mod added GM only options that aren't. GM commands that are typed in do work. I am going to look through the list of server mods and find a mod with commands added to menus I like not made by Cuddles and determine if all server GM option mods hate me or just Cuddles'. Kidding Cuddles, yours were the only server mods I added at the start because they both did exactly what I needed. Hmm. I'm not finding one that adds GM only options to menus
  4. Server start up. Does not include the actual start server when clicking the 'Start Server' tab. If you need that too, I will grab it too.
  5. What would prevent the actual text menu commands from being shown in the menus? That's what seems to be happening. I believe the mod 'works' but the actual GM special menu added text is just not showing up for some reason. And no, deleting and re-adding the mods didn't work when I tried that.
  6. Yep, today I added two server mods, the Bounty on Burn mod by Govenor anf your mod, Fishmonger. The bounty mod works as expected but, like the deedmaker mod, the GM options for fishmonger are just not there. Only vanilla GM options and commands show up on menus. When opening the deedstake, there are only normal player options and opening the special > create menu, Fishmonger is not in the list. I am shortly going to try a GM text command mod by Govenor that adds special commands for GMs to check if they work, I am not in any way confident they will. Edit- Update: Typed in commands from Governor's mod work. Maybe it is just added options in GM menus that are not showing up? Does either deedmaker or fishmonger have a way to manually access those menu items?
  7. Batta, no, the server was shut down. Other mods that add stuff specifically for a GM just don't work for my GM.
  8. The problem is, Fishmonger item doesn't even show up in the item creation list. GM character is just not being recognized as a GM.
  9. I have been talking to Cuddles about his Deedmaker mod not working while any server mod that is not GM specific does work. I do have a lvl 5 GM with ebony wand. After Cuddles could find no reason why I couldn't use the Deedmaker mod, I added two mods, one is a mob bounty mod and the other is a GM mod, Fishmonger. The bounty mod works but, again, the Fishmonger mod, requiring a GM, doesn't. I host my private LAN sever on the same computer I play on. The GM required mods read and load with no error they just don't seem to recognize my GM character in game.
  10. I vary rarely have the event tab open. The only time it is open is if I need to see an event, like 'analyze' for mining, 'examine', stuff like that. I play on a private LAN server with my wife, and 99% of the time we are together so I try to avoid the event spam that gets generated. That's probably the number one reason those deaths were a total mystery to me.
  11. Yep, Jerone figured it out. Only question I have now is why. Can't be due to ping as my ping is in the single digits consistently. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often as it did happen twice in a row to me and google searches came up empty except for one thread on this board, which was never responded to. Guess this can now be a PSA about how GMs flying can be deadly in Wurm. Keep your feet on the ground folks, the flying won't kill ya but cave glitches can. Many thanks everyone.
  12. Server log from deaths. Except I wasn't in a cave, I was standing on a beach about 20 tiles directly south of the mine corridor at the coords where it deposited my casket both times. However, I did fly over the mountain where the mine is as I am planning on converting it to a tunnel to connect roads.
  13. No mods installed. Was GM building a road and had been walking the area sizing up grades and such. Stepped on a dirt tile at the edge of the water and spun around to look back over the line where I wanted the road. Just about that time, the respawn screen popped up. Flew back to the area to retrieve my corpse and continue scoping out the area. Landed a few tiles away from my casket and walked up to it, soon as I stepped on that tile, respawn screen popped up again. Baffled by what happened, no apparent reason for it. Hadn't even begun to level or pack the ground.
  14. My GM character has died twice tonight, in the exact same spot. No warning, just dead, respawn screen. Went back for my corpse, stepped on the same tile to retrieve my stuff, boom, dead again. No messages, full water and food, invis, so nothing hostile and no mobs around anyway. Not going to chance trying to retrieve my casket again because I don't want to waste a night playing and all I get done is corpse runs. This also happened one other time about a year ago, different location, same unexplained death. This is on a creative LAN server.