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  1. Just wanted to publicly post, for those of you who do not know I am Kunibert. Aeryck's dark humor was exactly that. Just Humor, looking through my logs Aeryck has spent a lot of time at my deed while I was gone. I find that he was adding money to my upkeep, moving animals to enchanted grass, repairing and monitoring to make sure I had a deed to return to. I apologize if I assumed the worst and want to vouge for Aeryck, for what it is worth two thumbs up for an outstanding toon and great friend.
  2. I want to believe this was not meant for me. But since I have returned to wurm and see a lot of things gone from my deed I am locking down all my toons and area. If I find out who stole from me I promise you will want to quit wurm and disappear...
  3. hit me up Kunibert on line want a lot of dirt
  4. amazing service very fast and exactly what i wanted