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  1. Any update on this bug? I would really like to be able to pave as a GM
  2. Hello All, We still have some more beta slots open. Also, we decided world of wurmcraft wasnt wurmcrafty enough. So we have a new map to enjoy!
  3. Hello All, We have had a couple people sign up for the closed beta and have been playing, but we want more. If you are interested in being apart of creating a server please sign up. Beta testers have a real impact on the rates that are set, and administration of the server. Sign up on our website, or PM me here to get the password for the server. We will be in Beta until March 18, at which point we will open the server up to everyone to play!
  4. Hello All, We successfully practice restoring to backup from a complete failure and the server is now back up. Everyone who received the password should be good to log in now.
  5. Hey Senitor, Thank you for signing up, the server password has been sent to you. Please enjoy and we will see you in game!
  6. I am happy to announce the new PVP server, World of Wurmcraft. Thrall and I have been working on building a custom PVP server and perfectly tuning it for maximum enjoyability. We have a great map, finely tuned rates, and great mods all designed to meet that perfect match of challenge and action. We are currently looking for individuals who would like to join us in our closed beta for one month to test our rates, map, and server. What does our closed beta entail? We want to get peoples opinions on rates, size, default kingdoms, and everything else. Closed Beta players understand that during this last phase, we will adjust skill gain or action timer rates slightly according to the player's desires, or we may add, remove, or adjust a mod such as the rate coins drop from killing mobs. In return for understanding, closed beta players will receive 5s at the end of the Beta period. Server Settings: Map Size: 2048x2048 Creature Count: 30,000 Aggressive Creatures: 75% PVP Server Epic Curve HOTA every 8 hours Skill Gain Rate: 5x Action Timer Rate: 7x Implemented Mods: Coins for killing Container transfer limit removed Crops don't Decay Dig Like Mining No meditation delay No priest restrictions Surface Mining Enchants Additional Features: HOTA location is Central to the map on a dedicated Island. GM’s will spawn 500 Aggressive creatures of various fight skill every Friday around the map. If no rare spawns are currently alive, two rare spawns (one on each continent) will be summoned every other Friday. Two custom starting kingdoms (Alliance and Horde) each with their own Capital City (Stormwind and Orgrimmar) PMK’s are allowed Contact us through our Website or PM me here on Wurm forums to sign up for the beta and get the server password.