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  1. Yes, I do believe this is more an issue for wurm unlimited due the wealth difference. However I do believe that on PvP enemy players shouldn't be able to remove reinforced tiles (ondeed) with simple shaker orbs. - Players cannot use rod of transmutation on reinforced walls which is great. - Players can use rod of transmuation on cavewalls that they just spawned with a shaker orb in a fully reinforced mine within an enemy village (turning the reinforced cavefloor into a reinforced wall with a shaker orb would solve this imo). In wurm we got these beautiful spells strongwall and disintegrate which players worked hard for to use and which cost a lot of time and effort to successfully cast. These spells can be stopped on PvE by role management which is great. On PvP: let players if they want to ''edit'' someone elses mine use strongwall and disintegrate and not a silly 1 skill alt with a shaker orb. Wiki info: On pvp server, you can now only disintegrate reinforced tiles inside enemy settlements if they were drained during the last 2 hours. Awesome rule, applying this rule for both shaker orbs and rods of transmutation will make PvP a better place.
  2. Dear wurm community, I'm an experienced mountaindweller and it came to my attention that the shaker orb and rod of transmutation can be easily used to grief tunnelsystems. Now with wurm unlimited even poor griefers can easily get their hands on these items. I've run some tests and players are able to use both items in and outside someone elses village, even with all the guards alive. Now griefers can jump into someone’s 14.000 slope high reinforced tunnelsystem, spam some cavewalls and turn them into ore veins, trapping the mountaindwellers for weeks. I’d like to make four suggestions how to keep tunnelsystems more safe from griefing. -1st, make it impossible for players to use shaker orbs and rod of transmutation inside someone elses settlement (and add using of these tools to role management à mining). -2nd, make it impossible to use rod of transmutation outside your own settlement (who uses rod of transmutation outside settlements anyways except griefers)? -3rd, give mayors the power to turn veins back to rock ondeed (rod of reverse transmutation?, more use of alchemy, dynamite?). -4th, at least make it impossible to use rod of transmutation and the shaker orb when: -players of another kingdom are in local -not all the spirit templars are killed -outside your own kingdom influence Thank you for your time. Feel free to discuss. Happy wurming.