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  1. The State of Raiding

    how about starting action to bash mine door and running 5 tiles away, it must be fixed aswell, many many weird and broken things
  2. also should fix bashing mine door from 5 tiles away
  3. best choppers prices dow!!

    Will do when get home. Thank you
  4. Name and Shame: Consolidated

    am i talking about you? i told you it was a joke about you, same like some certain people insulting others for macroing without any smallest proof
  5. Name and Shame: Consolidated

    Please make sure it is same person before posting anything! also wurm discord has nothing to do with wurm forums! remove these irrevelant logs
  6. Chaos loot mechanics

    -1 means strongest kingdom with more players will allways get full loot, there must be rewards or atleast chance, for smaller groups aswell! if you remove them you will never see small groups going out at all
  7. WTS rare knarr

    15-20s sounds more like rare sailboat
  8. best choppers prices dow!!

  9. best choppers prices dow!!

    Bump. Get those high ql vegies today
  10. Rare Pandemonium military tent

    bump 2h left
  11. best choppers prices dow!!

    feels like silver adds ql to vegies outcome, someone could test properly
  12. best choppers prices dow!!

    I've for sale Supreme silver knife 91ql 91botd-15s Rare iron knife 90,34ql 96botd 5s Rare iron knife 90,36ql 94botd 5s Rare knife iron 92 botd4s Rare knife iron 85 botd 3,5s Rare knife iron 82 botd 3,5s all will be improved to 90ql**