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  1. +1 totally agree, remove messages and all niarja stuff and whatnot about alive uniques since it has become to private slay and loot events
  2. Man race to 100 mining, its way more fun, 99 is for plebs ?
  3. Join the kingdom that doesnt brag about raiding empty deeds, be part of family and best community!
  4. as the title say i want to sell rare bone for 18s or trade to equal amount of corn
  5. how about starting action to bash mine door and running 5 tiles away, it must be fixed aswell, many many weird and broken things
  6. Will do when get home. Thank you
  7. am i talking about you? i told you it was a joke about you, same like some certain people insulting others for macroing without any smallest proof
  8. Please make sure it is same person before posting anything! also wurm discord has nothing to do with wurm forums! remove these irrevelant logs
  9. -1 means strongest kingdom with more players will allways get full loot, there must be rewards or atleast chance, for smaller groups aswell! if you remove them you will never see small groups going out at all
  10. 15-20s sounds more like rare sailboat