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  1. Highest ql you have left from those cod to Malevolence. Will pick up friday evening. Thanks
  2. Yes keep the price, let lowballers keep rolling. I have same imbue tool, it is badass and keeps popping 100ql logs all the time. Right buyer will take it for your price
  3. join anarchy isles pvp today, we have very friendly players and having fun whenever we can! some pvp happened today [17:28:20] Kainef slain by Malev Shadilay [17:34:37] Worfeus slain by Aesys
  4. bump for awesome server and friendly, hard working GM's. join pvp server today
  5. bump for friendly and hard working kingdom, we have many new recruits lately, join us today be part great community!
  6. Please remove insanity teleport from that menu or atleast make it have confirmation window! it is not nice when you want to click fill but instead of that end up at enemy capital!
  7. they are lucky it's not weekend yet
  8. looking to buy couple of steel staffs 90+ ql, pm me on forums about what you can offer
  9. yes Nappy , thank you, very blessed
  10. we thought this is going to nice pvp server but right now its, player vs mobs, or try to leave deed server
  11. Nappy got bored during weekend and spawned 100k mobs
  12. server down?
  13. there are adamantine veins around on server, so no need for moonmetal in chests
  14. Bump. Would like to hear some from Retrograde!