To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. the server is a creative PVE server and the server name is Thedas Prime and the server have a custom map the map is 4096 by 4096 this is my website here are the server info server name is Thedas Prime the max player is at 232 there are free Deeds there are no Settlement Upkeep there is a Team-speak server The Team-speak server info is on my website and all Skills start at 25.0 and the Action speed Multiplier start at 3.0 Max Creatures is at 0.000 and this is Aggressive creatures % 10.0% and here the mods that are on this server cropmod diglikeminingmod digtoground spellmod harvesthelper inbreedwarning here the map here is where the start town is at
  2. my server is down right now
  3. do you want join your so there

    1. kevinyoung


      sorry do you want to join or something

  4. here is the new big map
  5. i have update my webpages and this topic
  6. i have updated my website
  7. i need feedback so i can fix what is not right
  8. i need feedback so i can fix what every is not right
  9. can anyone tell me what i am doing not right so people will join the server
  10. it's us military time

  11. i have remove all of the mods
  12. how am i going now

  13. i have remove all of the mods