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  1. WTS rares/supreme

    My bad... COD to Joelle if you still have it. I didn't follow this post. :S
  2. WTS rares/supreme

    1 hatchet 4s?
  3. Where are you on the East coast? o.o I'm NE, on the coast of Deli. Feel free to chat with me here or in-game, where my username is Joelle.
  4. Purple Dragon HoTA Statue

  5. WTB Dragon Shoulder Pads

    Still looking for one dragon shoulder pad and a drake imp.
  6. WTB Dragon Shoulder Pads

    Still looking for these!
  7. can be closed

    Yay Neem!!
  8. WTB Dragon Shoulder Pads

    Looking to buy a set of dragon shoulder pads. Also looking for someone to imp my drake set to 90-95, if anyone can refer me to somebody? PM me here or in-game at Joelle, thanks in advance!
  9. WTB 90 + imp on my huge axe

    @Sandyar is my go-to guy for weapon imps.
  10. Addy Helm - SOLD

    6 days remaining. Again, please PM if you have questions or comments.
  11. Addy Helm - SOLD

    I have accepted a private offer. This thread can be closed.
  12. WTB Drake Set

    WTB Drake Set, PM me whatcha got.
  13. Battering Rams? Digging update?

    That's their job though? o.o Thanks for the update, @Retrograde!
  14. PC Channeling Affinity - Closed

    Thanks though, I appreciate the input.
  15. PC Channeling Affinity - Closed

    Yes, thank you. @Wurmhole That's what I was thinking. Thanks for your input.