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  1. My bad... COD to Joelle if you still have it. I didn't follow this post. :S
  2. Where are you on the East coast? o.o I'm NE, on the coast of Deli. Feel free to chat with me here or in-game, where my username is Joelle.
  3. Still looking for one dragon shoulder pad and a drake imp.
  4. Looking to buy a set of dragon shoulder pads. Also looking for someone to imp my drake set to 90-95, if anyone can refer me to somebody? PM me here or in-game at Joelle, thanks in advance!
  5. @Sandyar is my go-to guy for weapon imps.
  6. 6 days remaining. Again, please PM if you have questions or comments.
  7. I have accepted a private offer. This thread can be closed.
  8. WTB Drake Set, PM me whatcha got.
  9. That's their job though? o.o Thanks for the update, @Retrograde!
  10. Thanks though, I appreciate the input.
  11. Yes, thank you. @Wurmhole That's what I was thinking. Thanks for your input.