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  1. Hopefully hovering over items gets an option to be toggled off, it can be difficult to manage the inventory Right click menu is also really big compared to the "old" compact one; That's 1/5 the size of this Would be nice if everything above the line could be toggled off as well, as some people suggested already; starting off with Examine like how it is currently Target window seems really big as well (90% scaling), and hides most of the screen alone (Doesn't seem to like smaller resolutions?) Allowing combat elements to detach and having the "old", "toggle size" option would fix the issue This menu, whatever it's called.. While it does scale down to 90% it can't be resized, becoming really small
  2. rake c75, pickaxe c73, hatchet w65 c60 to Kelpy please, thanks!
  3. Easily accessible with ships, not outdated listing. As of right now even halter ropes are sold if you forgot to bring yours. Kalypsocopper, Dreamfaith, Haltann, Wildwalking bought! - And 2 chestnuts the day after. Would recommend
  4. Hey, is the stock empty currently? I ran by yesterday for an ebony and no keys were found in the merchant unfortunatelly.
  5. Bought from someone else. Thanks regardless.
  6. Looking for 1.5k slate, pref wagoneer or delivered to Freedom Market (Indy) In-game Kelpy, or PM here Delivered
  7. 3kg of Winter White to 'Kelpy', thanks! PM if the dyeworks are open once again please!
  8. Selmecbanya ( 7085, -2261 ) Thanks!)
  9. -Bought one thanks for selling!-
  10. -Sold thanks for buying!-
  11. Just bought a rare clay, was pretty fast and friendly! Would recommend! [09:39:06] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 1 mail waiting to be picked up.