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  1. wurm is real life if you die in wurm you die for real
  2. overwhelming upvotes and still not implemented shroom monsters when
  3. always the option to buy an account, many are going for very cheap right now if you just hang in there. Will save you lots of time.
  4. this except the first part because i think you had a stroke I don't believe priests should have characteristic penalties, I'm not sure why that's in there.
  5. Passengers becoming commanders is literally the only way to fix the camera bug that currently exists, like Bangzuvelis said.
  6. Edit: I'll just take it as a bump instead of making fun of you for not reading
  7. updated because bloodscythe insisted on trying to buy items i've sold!
  8. Send me an offer for any items you might be interested in through forum PM. I'll determine if it's reasonable and we can setup a trade. Thanks.
  9. hello yes i would like to order one repost delivery please
  10. is anyone else disturbed by this horsecentipede