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  1. I'm new to wurm, never owned my own deed, and enjoyed the game for the most part. I moved into a deed on the east coast with someone who allowed me to stay on their deed, so i know nothing of perms or how to check or double check perms. We had been doing renovations to the land and had dig up a lot of dirt (for me it seemed like a lot) 43 large crates full of dirt, 3 fullish of rock shards, 3 fullish of sand and a number of empty/partially filled large crates. Apparently, the deed owner had reset the perms a weeks or so ago to allow a neighbor to drop off some stuff on deed and didnt reset the perms, which basicall left everything open (free to take a guess?) a feature Wurm should address so villagers KNOW if their stuff is safe by being able to see but not alter the deed perms. This led to all of the crates on the deed being pillaged and relocated about 150ish tiles away to another deed. This deed being owned by Vahnessa, who is related to Vortexxx either thru account sharing or being one and the same. Shortly after all these crates were taken, Vortexxx posts in the trade channel: [20:18:58] <Vortexxx> (Xan) WTS 43 Crates Of Dirt (16s Crates included into the price) Free Delivery and sells to god knows who (if it was you, i'd love to talk to you to check something). So, I venture to this deed, a short 2 minute wagon ride, to see some crates with some of my messed up renaming. I inquire with vortexxx about his (seeing as how he stored a large number of rares at this deeds front gate with his name plastered all over them) to see if this were true and if it were at all possible to get any of it back. He denies ever taking anything, says he hasnt been to that deed in a long time (even though he was actively trying to sell rares on that deed). Today, I get some of the crates returned, none of the dirt crates, he claims everything was returned and someone must have stolen them again, even though the deed owner was on shortly after he was. Sure, its a game mechanic to be able to take whatever you want that isnt bolted down, just seems shady to do that to your neighbors. It's my fault for not knowing/having no way of knowing about the deed perms for a deed I dont own and dont have access to see the deed perms for random people. Wall of words, vortexxx now claims this was done by two new random deed villagers, Aase and Malika or something, but something just doesnt add up. waa waa aside, I'm likely not getting back the weeks of work I put in as a new player and there is nothing i can do about it. So this is just a public notice I guess, not that most will care. But just use some caution when dealing with vortexxx, bolt down your crates, hide your kids, cause if you happen to leave anything laying around (especially those who cant see deed perms) yo cold get jacked. -1 player to wurm. enjoyed it mostly, could have had a better combat system, could have had more trustworthy players.
  2. I was borderline on the current time system but I still stuck around. I was only making a suggestion so that potentially others would stick with this game, instead of quitting. Just seems like this game needs new players and new players to stick around is all. Sending everyone away because "new players should like it because I liked it" isn't going to help imo. The 24 noobs timer will trick them into loving this game... which is the secret to catching a noob. Edit: i just reread my post and i want to say im sorry if I in anyway am coming off offensive. I mean no harm in anything I put here. I just like this game but the noob experience is still fresh in my brain
  3. So ultimately, there is no tool that will make there be a reduction in house building. I completely understand this game isn't suppose to be like that "give me now" games that are coming out. But really hard core gamers like most the ones playing this game now (I'm assuming) are few. The noobs 24hr bonus would maybe pull in the slightly less hardcore crowd and keep people in the game.
  4. Plus, systems like woa were lost on me when I first started. Assuming half of the new player population is as stupid as I am, how would they know what to use? No one spelled this out, maybe the starter town? But I'm an idiot, I can't read. So I ended up doing what I'm assuming most noobs do sit there and grind it out. Which could lead to not logging back in (which happened in my study of 2 people... sufficient data, large enough sample size)
  5. True foraging is free. Once every hour or so you get a chance at a moment, supposedly this concept banks hours where no moments were recieved. You can get anywhere from 1c to 1s. Say you get 20c everytime. That's still about 10 hours of luck... when I could have built 2.73 shacks. By then I'm assuming a new person would have started downloading a new game?
  6. I thought the whole point of a trial account was for the player to get a free taste of what the game is like? Spending money negates the trial part.
  7. I'm sure I'll be crucified for this. First I'm very new to the game so I'm sure my opinion doesn't matter. But my suggestion involves a global reduction in the action timer by some %. Crazy right? Well I like self mutilation when it comes to games but this game tried my patience with how long it takes to do specific things as a noob. Since I'm a glutton for pain, I am sticking with it, skill ups are slower but action times are too, so I'm fine. But getting past those first 48 hours for someone who has a lesser tolerance would push away a potential player/payer. I guess my main suggestion stems from the pitiful shack I made on my third day (it's my pride and joy but I know how sad it is). Not including the gathering and plank cutting, the house took me around 2-3 hours of mind dulling "continue" smashing. By reducing every action by 5-10% less, it would make the game more noob friendly past the first few days (maybe saving 2 seconds off a mining action) and it wouldn't change the older players experience nearly as much (maybe save .1-.2 off of say... digging). Meh, I'm sure it's a stupid idea, but this way maybe we can keep new players that are on the fence instead of them dropping out after a few days (the deed I'm at has received 2 new players that both never signed back in after they built a shack) Lastly, I'm not asking for easy street. I don't want to build a mansion in 10 minutes. I want instead of taking 3-4 hours to collect, plank, and attach components for it only to take 2.75-3.5 hours. Tsunami