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  1. aye, but that doesn't work for objects placed on the alter(not in). any thing in alter will sac with said hot key. having the ability to sacrifice objects that have been placed on the altar would also need to have some sort of deed perms attached as well - i would hate to have my pretty Libila altar setup all gone if someone random came by and sacced it all. however having the ability in the first place would make things easier for some people. +1
  2. Looking for a peaceful life, sure thats PvE. Hiding is a different thing entirely. one could want to hide from others, yet enjoy the mental challenge of combat. some of the best PvP'ers enjoy doing that all the time. if it were possible, as@Draykasaid, to publish the previous years dump instead of the current one, that may be a decent "in between" .
  3. Both @Joemogand @DADLERare correct. Individuals are individuals, and all paths should be equally viable for any toon, however their are plenty of other mechanics in play that all need separate discussions. With the current political climate on Defiance, PMK's would not be amiss, however the idea of keeping base graphics would keep the economy steady. its not like you can take any objects from defiance to PvE.
  4. i agree however there needs to be a middle ground of sorts - Ingame location finding uses the same skills as RL, of which i have limited ability with. without GPS im lost. Practice helps, but only to a limited extent. having a singular server setup so one can actually practice that skill for PvP would be nice....hence why i like chaos.
  5. unfortunately, unless you have your own home server, any other cloud hosting service worth their salt is going to be similar to google. Not that i blame you much, google has too much of our stuff as it is. on the subject of dumps, Spacy is very correct there. yearly dumps is fine for PvE, and Chaos being on the same cycle as other PvP maps just makes sense.
  6. Epic has only ONE thing that even interests people, that is the 2x skill gains - but there Isn't anything else you get from going there, AND you lose what you got while you were there after you leave. now i'm not saying epic doesn't have other things that could interest people, but that is how some see it: "What do I get out of going there? Jack diddly squat." but then we also don't need a 'black market' from epic showing up on freedom either. the one thing that keeps running through my mind is "What was the Goal of Epic?". wish i had a better ability to search for stuff.
  7. its the CAFFEINE! the only reason i get coffee drinkers is cause i need caffeine, i just have to get mine from a different source: energy drinks and soda.
  8. agreed. i would be a priest main if it was a 'viable' playstyle for a single toon.
  9. Ya, winning is always better if people you know win too, its too lonely at the top.
  10. +1 crafting window is too useful as it is, this would make it better.
  11. Small carts have no default keybind. Should that not be set to drag like large carts are set for embark?
  12. 'Freedom of Speech' never meant you could say what you want, only that you have the right TO communicate. it is up to you to choose the words you want to use....and what you say matters it is up to the individual to make sure they are not going to upset another by the words that they use or how they are used. beyond that the only thing an individual can do is be empathetic and apologize if we screw up. and i will repeat this again to - hopefully - good effect: Staff does not have to report everything. Nor should they have to - People have a right to their privacy cm/ca/gm staff are here doing ONE thing: enforcing the rules. out side that function they are just regular players playing the game. can we treat them like sapient beings rather then some sort of lesser entity, please.
  13. you NEVER challenge their ruling in PUBLIC!!!. if you have questions or need to challenge a ruling you do it via pm/email. the more i read the rest the more i see another individual with social interaction issues in an online place. our hearts go out to you blaze ok, half the reason I decided to just stop earlier is due to my personal 'wall of text' issue. i wont go into anything other then to say your post @Blazecraze was mighty difficult to deal with. the other half of the reason was cause I'm sure you wouldn't actually get it - but ill try. Staff don't have to report everything nor would I expect them to - people have a right to privacy you know. safety matters. keep in mind that when it comes to the internet, we are basically letting a small part of 'society' in our lives. Individuals protect themselves how they see fit. yes you are going to be interacting with multiple cultures when in Wurm. you have to err on the side of caution when interacting with people sometimes. yes it may be 'imaginary', but that does not mean that the other people playing the game are not real as well. when it comes to trolling you are missing a very large piece - not everyone has the best 'emotional control'. in fact some people have trauma that quite literally short them out to the point where they want to die. its not fun, nor pretty to look at. you need your emotional control to survive life. without it you cant drive a car, do grocery shopping, or even hold a job. 'Triggers' are a thing and there are people out there who make it their job to intentionally cause people to lose control. if you are not careful on how you interact with the 'public' you could be mistaken as one. the other part of trolling you are missing is that you need to separate the world of 'Wurm' from real life, and figure out which is going on in chat at the same time. when it comes to point A on the trolling list, think of it as: don't attack someone's individuality, and you let them talk about their own things unless they give you permission to do so otherwise. most of the rest of your points can be summarized down into one topic - privacy. we are supposed to keep our mouths shut about other peoples business, if we know about it, and the reason is cause everyone deserves to survive, succeed, and stay safe. you are not the only one out there trying to live life and survive it, and there are quite a few of us using Wurm to survive rl. Its not just imagination, and its not JUST a game. keep in mind not everyone is the same, there is SO much variety out there its a bit mindboggling.
  14. Something interesting you may not know darnok, Humans form attachments - real people, objects, ideas - even imaginary pixel items. its part of our nature to do so, you cant deny someone that. humans do what humans do - what you want us to do has no bearing on anything we actually do. Everyone is an individual. you have to learn to let other people be other people. for all intents and purposes you might as well call the entire game player driven, however the community as a whole is a major aspect for that; having a divided community has caused issues in Wurm's past, even if you only see it as just smaller communities in Wurm having to deal with each other. The developers dont bother with the economy because it is really out of their control for the most part. my point here is that Everyone is an individual, but this is also a community of them. Individuals will do what they want, when they want, and how they see fit at that time. Player Choice is the mechanism behind economy here: can we leave that alone please?
  15. ya there have been multiple bans recently, and im sure for many different reasons. If Enki speaks it will be in gallows. Ya, the community wants to know, but if Enki choses to not speak there is nothing we can do.
  16. hate to say it but it looks like this is between you and twitter - they are not letting you have a developer account on twitter for whatever reason. I'd go through their rules for being one and see what the hiccup is.
  17. the vast majority of the community actually enjoys this to an extent - they can do this mindless task in game and watch tv or listen to music at the same time. its a core mechanic to the game, same with repair and decay. Just because you dislike it, it does not mean it needs changed. You are not the only one playing this game.
  18. you know, FS the only skill that levels this fast - the only one with near instant rewards - the rest of skills in wurm do not have instant rewards. some skills take time and patience to master - the time/reward benefit is heavily in favor of the sense of 'accomplishment' for most, if not all, skills in wurm.
  19. My thought - if it fits a small cart, it should fit a rowboat. both have approximately the same available space, are approximately the same size, and hold approximately the same things. Rowboat in a wagon is a toss up to be honest, but meh.