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  1. WTA Rare Backpack

  2. WTS Template JK Goodies

    plz send 1 banner and 2 flags to Obi
  3. good prices on barrels of lye
  4. like to buy both rare frying pans plz
  5. [SOLD] WTS Mask of Rebirth

    send to Obi if still fro sale
  6. WTA Full seryll plate set

  7. Valhall Descendants PMK Items

    2 banners please cod
  8. Xanadu Community Map

    need i-24 new eden changed to Moon Lake-Obi,thank you
  9. Sold - plz close

  10. Sold - plz close

  11. Random Enkounters

    Tooo freckin awesome i love those surprise Enkiencounters.You rock Enki!!!
  12. Brick & Mortar Services

    timely ,friendly and has excellent prices ,oh and did i mention.....he delivers. Nice work Mrzodiac!!!
  13. title for 100 prospecting

    i know its not on the list but deep Penetrator sounds more like the job
  14. Brick & Mortar Services

    i purchased 1k mortar and some gems from mrzodiac best service i ever had, i will buy all my goods from him from now on!!