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  1. Keep in mind even if they are buffed debuffed at the same rate they are not automatically equal. Someone with a 10% water debuff is much better off than a straight 10% damage debuff. Some are so situational its like whoa.
  2. Seems liek their were also very few players in beta... The only person that quit since 2006 was malvado and he keeps posting here anyway.
  3. So people are going crazy building bulk bins on other peoples deeds and locking them huh? mjpopcorngif
  4. You speak in such generalities and don't put up any examples to back your point. I think wurm is 100x better than it was 7 years ago...
  5. It is already determined the spells are not "quite powerful" as they exist now merce... You keep trying to claim it is balanced when a dev is in this thread telling everyone it's not, in fact the purpose of this discussion is to get it right... I have a write up on this I will post today after work. Erik is clearly explaining how the buffs work and I am inclined to agree with him in this area.
  6. The debuffs are hardly worth it for these spells. If something is going to cripple you it should have a benefit... Im working on a detailed post need a day longer.
  7. Thanks for the info I will post thoughts later. Lots to talk about.
  8. Anyone have a log(s) besides anecdotal evidence that smite is ever used besides a dragon? I haven't seen one pvp encounter where it has in 5 years. Half the timer for half the damage sounds good.
  9. Then nudge the damage down too if you think it is an issue. As it is it never gets used. Ever. Have you seen someone get hit with it? One time like 4 years ago i got pottisimus to wounded with one cuz he dced...
  10. The 30 second timer means it never gets used. Maybe once or twice in the last half decade in a pvp situation. I think it should be nudged down to 15 and see how it goes. As it is it is a useless spell except to get a decent hit on a dragon once.
  11. Please add black people and other skin colors...
  12. Been saying that for years. I think you the king and his merry men are too scared to try.
  13. Video relevant to thread > You want another mechanic changed to suit you? Isnt this the third of the day?
  14. Yer so big and bad just go raid kyara and get them. This suggestion is ridiculous and on the heels of trying to convince Rolf you should get your champs life extended 300 days because no one will go cap any towers after you capped them all. lol....
  15. People been twigging with artifacts for years. You guys just want pvp delivered to your dirthill. Too lazy to monopolize the Black light too? It is so sad what MR has become...
  16. They can go kill people or drain a deed you just want to have free champs for a couple months. If it is too much to handle give them the option to dechamp with no skill penalty cuz that 1 point is harsh... *yawn*
  17. Just remove the points for camps and towers and leave the point system how it is until you find a fix or update champ system. Don't make it decay longer, all the current champs have max points anyway. Why baby 3 people and give them months of free champ time just because the system needs to be changed.... How is that fair to everyone else? If they really whine about it give them the option to dechamp but -1 to free champ time for months to appease a couple people while the system undergoes development.
  18. If you no longer mind casting champs sitting on deed all day just go back to the old system and remove the limits on number of champs and take out perma death just revert when you die 3 times. Of course they wont leave deed. The system works fine some people are just crying because no one will fight them with their bad attitude... Now people are saying you should be able to stay champ long enough to regain your measly one point skill loss? Good grief.... If you cant see one group is looking for an easy way to keep there champs on a server they destroyed pvp on I dont know what to tell you... /Champed 9 times
  19. You guys are worse than the old JK power structure ever was tbh.
  20. Not surprised MR got this done. Now with 10x decay they are just perma champ all year. lol. "we conquered every tower now they wont conquer them back" Good play.
  21. In a year...

    Hows that workin out for ya bud?