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  1. hello from 57x 60y to 62x 51y is newly completed highway, i want to name this road "Meridian highway"
  2. Want to sell 300s @ 0.9€/s. Preferring verified Paypal
  3. 2 round of auction! reduce price! sell all set! no cape (damage reduction 10% runes) Start bid: 95 euro/silver (euro via paypal) Min inc: 5e/s Snipe protection: 1 hrs Reserve: None Buyout: 150e BLACK DRAKE set rune 1 rune 2
  4. on my deed it that same problem im on independances. deed Oracle ,tile corner in some pleces on bridge not showing up or showing i wrong place like in Finndar case. The case refers to two bridges, third is ok. foto 1 foto 2 foto 3
  5. I'm not interested in the banned character or its items. I just want to talk about the rights of people who are innocent and yet the blockade of others affects them. You do not give me the right to discuss this topic by closing my post
  6. I would like to ask the players' opinions about a certain matter regarding the rights in wurm. My friend was banned, he was the mayor of the village where I live unfortunately I do not have full rights to enlist the village, therefore to some buildings I have no access or the ability to give them the right to pick up items from them, etc.but my items are there, similar case is with merchant with items to sell, Some of the items in it is min But at the moment I can not recover them because of lack of access to the merchant. What are you thinking about this mater, Leave your feedback here
  7. You winning 1 charge pleas contact kenshi in game for more info
  8. Nice i think is 3rd in wurm history, good luck with auction.i will see if i can sell mine for good price