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  1. Thank you for the kind words. I don't want to make a big deal of it but yes, that's part of it.
  2. Not decided but it's possible.
  3. I no longer wish to work on the Exodus map. To whomever would like to take over here is the master file. You will need ( to open it.
  4. I met Tich in 2012 or 13, maybe earlier, it's been so long I don't remember exactly. We met in the Friends of Exodus alliance. I played Wurm before work and she was usually the only one in chat and we talked about all kinds of things. I really enjoyed those chats. I think it was 2014 she became a dev, she never mentioned she did coding. Eventually she started work on bridges which at the time I never made any secret I desperately wanted in game and Rolf kept promising. We talked about that in the alliance a lot. I remember that as the highlight of my Wurm experience. Time went on and work changed, I had less time to chat when she was on, the alliance changed, new servers opened and people spread out. We talked occasionally but nothing like before. In March 2016 she helped me with a large dirt project and she told me she had enjoyed those chats too and I think we both missed that time. After that we didn't talk much, just a few times on Steam. The last conversation I had with her on Wurm was me thanking her for helping. I don't think anything bad happened, we just grew apart and were doing our own things. I never knew there was any problem so I'm shocked right now. I will miss you Tich and always remember the time we shared.
  5. To the person(s) who took the things off my deed, Magnus Tere. Please return the things you took. I didn't quit the game, my friend had the deed and she hasn't been playing so I didn't know the deed was going to fall. It fell on October 10th. I haven't been playing much because I've been busy at work so I missed the warnings. I know I'm living in a dream world here but please, do the right thing.
  6. Now I'm glad I didn't hard code that into the Twitter Getter for the Exo map. Are there plans to change the server names as well? For example Exo is and used to be the same as the Twitter name but now it's not.
  7. Doing a big mine project and I've had the same thing happen many times. I've come to never level ceilings unless its to max height, if I need anything less than max I just count mining actions, which is not fun and easy to make mistakes.
  8. Big update! -New URL. Old one still works for now. -Animated clock if your timer has less than 10 minutes remaining. -Animated clock tested to work on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and Chrome for Android. -Some interface changes, mostly for looks (it's still plain and simple on purpose) but copy/pasting the URL and getting the image to show in forum should now be easier. -Made possible by wide adoption of standard SVG and some tricky styling. See the updated first post for more info and let me know how it's working for you.
  9. My latest crazy idea is based on firepillar (type firepillar into console below ground to see where that tile is when you go above ground, it looks like lava but it not). Fire pillar shows that the game can link the 2 tiles. With all the great new below ground building options I'm sure lots of people have expanded their deeds underground. My idea is a ladder you can build below ground on a flat paved tile, then build a corresponding ladder on the tile above ground. A little bit of teleporting magic and you have a new entrance type! Simple, I think, it would be useful for me. Ideally it would support high ceilings too, maybe even some ceiling graphics if possible.
  10. Yeah a lot of the numbers/letters on the in-game map don't actually point to anything, I enlarged it to match the map dumps and cut off the sides as you can see when using it as the background.
  11. Interactive map updates: -In-game grid style grid options in the Toggles tab. -The In-game grid coordinates are now shown next to the pointer and in Deed Info. -The In-game map and "Routes" map dump from December 2017 are now available as backgrounds. -Save As Image in the Images tab now properly saves any background you choose. The "Community Grid" which has been the grid used on the map since forever is 40 pixel by 40 pixel squares, the In-game grid uses 101x101 squares. So the community style is more accurate but the trend lately has been to use the In-game coordinates so I decided to add them. It's not 100% perfect because the grid in the In-game map isn't exactly spaced, but it's pretty close with 101 pixel squares.
  12. It's possible it's related to another bug I've hit and worked around. Not too far from where the bridge is I hit a spot that wouldn't let me surface mine, it was saying there was a mine too close and that I should make an entrance instead. I knew for a fact there wasn't because I collapsed it myself long ago. So I did what the error said anyway, made an entrance, tunneled in a couple tiles to underneath where the problem was, collapsed it all closed and it works, I surface mined it successfully. Just throwing that out there in case a dev sees this and it might help piece together the problem.
  13. I did try the 2 closest corners earlier but didn't think to try the farthest corners and that worked. I've made a lot of these small bridges and it's the first time I've had that happen. Still probably a bug but I got it planned. Thanks Jake!
  14. This bug appears to have returned, planning an E/W bridge from land to building, 1 long, 3 wide, and I keep getting this message, tried every fix I could think of and it's the same every time, I get this message: [08:52:29] You notice that the south west corner of the plan has changed height since the start of the planning phase. Everything is how it should be and I have the same but opposite bridge on the other side of the deed that went up without issue (made it months ago). Thanks for any help.
  15. Lots of good stuff, creature cages are a game changer in a way, it's now much easier to explore servers besides your own. Thanks devs and happy anniversary Wurm!
  16. Not really a bug, just a minor annoyance. The text in the update loading bar is centered making it almost unreadable as it's updating. Please make it left aligned.
  17. 30 minutes to go, any bid after this will trigger sniper protection.
  18. This is 7 auctions for 7 bags of gems. Each bag contains 100 gems. Gems Over 10 QL Gems Under 10 QL Diamond Emerald Opal Ruby Sapphire Low QL 1 Low QL 2 Total QL: 2,681.09 2,840.83 2,790.03 2,698.94 2,968.50 Total QL: 410.45 356.35 50i per QL converted to silver: 13.41 14.20 13.95 13.49 14.84 2c per QL converted to silver: 8.21 7.13 Starting Price: 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 10 silver 6 silver 5 silver A spreadsheet with the QL of each gem and the formulas used the get the numbers above is at: If any of the winners bid over 15 silver on a bag of over 10 QL gems they will get a free star gem of that type. Minimum Bid Increase: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes I'll deliver to any reasonably easy to get to coast.