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  1. IDK where you are but I gotta get those gold armor sets back soon. Except I can't do it today. Hopefully tomarrow but depending on where you are it could take literally hours.
  2. Gave these items to Exeffer on the 21st: Just got back from a vacation, so I'm bumping the thread.
  3. Now we all know the five basic tempatures: Normal Very Warm Hot Searing Hot Glowing Hot (Not to mention the ones for liquid, and the 'frozen' one that I get sometimes.) But I'm sure everyone's noticed that there's a big difference between an iron lump that just melted and is now glowing hot, and a lump that's been sitting in the forge for an hour. Personally I'd like an item that could tell us a more specific heat, so we can tell how long we have until we need to be back at our forge/oven/fire. I have three main ideas about how this would be made: Have it be a special item you must buy from a trader. If glassblowing ever gets added, make the case an item with it, and then put in some wine or other liquid in. Have a metal case, with another peice of metal and a spring to push it depending on how much the tempature expands it. How method three might look: Steel Lump -> Spring Iron/Steel/Gold/Silver/Copper lump -> case Case + Spring -> Unfinished Thermometer Iron/Steel/Gold/Silver/Copper Lump - > Display Unfinished Thermometer + Display -> Thermometer
  4. Could I order 80-84 coc enchants on a whetstone and a pelt that I'd send to you? And order an 80ql hammer with the same enchant?
  5. This might not have been the best profession to choose. I'll bump again when I hit 80 mining and CAS if no one else replies.
  6. Iron chain armor - 50 quality: Full set --- 1 silver Jacket or Pants --- 20 copper Other parts --- 10 copper Iron chain armor - 70 quality: Full set --- 2 silver Jacket or Pants --- 30 copper Other parts --- 20 copper Silver chain armor - 50 quality: Full set --- 1.5 silver Jacket or Pants --- 30 copper Other parts --- 20 copper Silver chain armor - 70 quality: Full set --- 3 silver Jacket or Pants --- 50 copper Other parts --- 35 copper Gold chain armor - 50 quality: Full set --- 2.5 silver Jacket or Pants --- 40 copper Other parts --- 30 copper Gold chain armor - 70 quality: Full set --- 4 silver Jacket or Pants --- 75 copper Other parts --- 50 copper 50kg 50ql iron ore, 25 copper 5kg 50ql silver ore, 35 copper 5kg 50ql gold ore, 50 copper 50kg 70ql iron ore, 50 copper 5kg 70ql silver ore, 70 copper 5kg 70ql gold ore, 1 silver Note one: I'm currently looking for gold and silver veins to use in my new home. So prices of those ores and their respective chain armor prices may change as I actually get an idea for how hard it is to get said ore. Note two: I also have a vynora preist but I haven't bought premium for it in a while. So some AOSP casts may be possible in the future. Note three: I'll do copper chain armor too for the same price as iron. Post here if you want to buy something. If I don't respond right away PM me (Ingame name: "Azjherben") ingame.
  7. The guide was a little inconsistant maybe some slight differneces because he had been doing different grains at differnet SD and HFC levels. I doubt there's actually a difference. I suppose if meat fileted is no different skill gain wise than whole, I'll pick buy 5k meat filets or an equilivlent amount of meat and 5k grains. Problem is I really don't want to have to leave my deed, just lost my best horse and saddle shoes and bridle costing at least 5s, so if anyone could tell me approximently what it'd cost for delivery too, that'd be great. edit: gonna add stew making containers to the thread, gonna need like a 100 of those
  8. Exactly what it says, following this guide: http://wurmpedia.com...th_Mamadarkness And it says meat + rye is best for Soul Depth gain. Is that right? Does it matter (affect skillgain) if I felet the meat or how much meat I use? How much would that cost? Hoping it'd be around 10 silver, and I'll buy it when I get home after the weekend. edit: How much might 100 stew making containers cost?
  9. While we're at it, we should add in cats. And I don't mean lions or "wild cats".
  10. I honestly don't think AH skill should be tied to traits at all. How does me having groomed a lot of animals make my horses genetic makeup better? It makes no sense. It just doesn't. ... sorry, didn't realize this was an old thread there really should be a "too old" error
  11. Pickaxe, Steel (15.3ql, CoC 86) = 3s Grooming Brush, Oakenwood (48.25ql, CoC 73) = 83c CoD to azjherben