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  1. ..
  2. Gj, great kingdom.
  3. Bump!!!! Join to us and fight.
  4. Hi, i want buy Maul (medium), 50 ql, 100N 99LT 88COC , 6,5 s
  5. WTS blue dragon scale 0,44kg - 24s, troll mask - 3s 1x pumpkin shoulder pad - 50c/each, Ebonaura wagon - 10s, 72ql oil of the blacksmith - 1s
  6. Wulfgar, you sold yourself a character worth the money than you wanted. So I do not know how long you expect to sell anyway good figure for almost free.
  7. Sorry trolls are not taken into account when talking about ratings. And your rating is just a troll. 60s is very, but it is very poor price, especially from the man who staged the poor priest poor deity for 160s. My account is worth a minimum of 75s, but it is not a PC, but WTS.
  8. 60s you can get for starter toon, this is not starter toon
  9. Hahaahaha, nice joke
  10. Bump!!!
  11. Good job, i die like noob, but still be good fight for me.
  12. 5 Cedarwood Azraiel
  13. Its work, thx
  14. for now no, but yes in past i try