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  1. Do you realize that with the inclusion of the steam version of the WO you will kill the current WO? who will play on old servers when new on Steam? maybe 50 players on 7 servers, even now because of the plans to introduce wO steam, people sell out what's possible, remove deeds and sell accounts.
  2. As in Title. I wanna buy tome Blood of Angels, please PM offer
  3. Gofs is a parasites nothing more, nothing less
  4. WTB Short Sword - Iron - Q 90 - NIM 95 (+3 CR) - LT 94 - COC 93 - 4.30 Silver send it to Azraiel
  5. xD They work on the server with the smallest population where still 3/4 players are sitting on home servers
  6. Sindusk left so the PvP zone was forgotten, currently there is no Dev working on PvP.