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  1. large maul 77.17QL NB88 LT78 C93 MS93 3S41C carving knife 87.61QL W77 C74 2s cod to Brynden please.
  2. Please cod 89coc hatchet and 88coc mallet to Brynden.
  3. Cod file 102coc,pickaxe 91coc and shovel 100coc to Brynden. Thanks
  4. Iron Lump, 1.00kg 90.27ql Circle of Cunning - 80 0.64s In addition to lump, I'd like to buy 80ql chain armor set with lowest 70+ aosp casts and 90ql large maul with lt,coc,nimb,ms,sd casts. Cod items to Reesae please.
  5. rake ql14 coc90 - 1,1s saw ql75 coc85 woa80 - 1s file 77ql coc91 - 1,2s stone chisel ql72 coc87 - 80c mallet oak ql80 coc80 woa79 1s hammer ql83 coc91 woa83 - 1,8s To Reesae