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  1. [12:13:16] A fashionable wooden mailbox that looks like a rich mansion. It is made from birchwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 17.479359, Dam: 18.274872. [12:13:16] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [48] [12:13:28] You drop a hatchet. [12:14:35] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. Sent please close and Thank You
  2. first time not sure what i did or how to fix
  3. -Auction closed Buyout paid Auction of a 47ql rare Hatchet Starting bid - 1s buyout - 10s reserve - hidden end date - 1 week from today pickup - Cel - Goldcity -Ps not sure how to Edit the title or tags
  4. same here. blink like rare items when you move or turn head around
  5. I load up the client. hit play and game starts. then it sits at connecting to server, retry wait, retry wait, retry wait, retry then error bug report.
  6. ok so I start playing and after as soon as 5 minutes sometimes hours. PC just reboots. when i re log into wurm alliance chat is no longer automaticly loaded but has to be manually started, the online people that are in alliance dont show up. players who log in after me show up in alliance online tab.
  7. horse that gains exp towards traits in an ancestory or family tree. nice
  8. what if i dont want to drag thru it. I want to sail in and out
  9. how do you get the entrance under water? do you just start tunneling a tile that is under? and how much under you think?
  10. can a boat be dragged back into a house? like drag a boat in then out the gatehouse?
  11. please the topic is "how to build ships now?" many of us would like to know. Here are some questions. please we all want to know how to make a boat yard. how many tiles should be the entrance? Can a boat go thru any gate or only Palisades gate? I dont want large walls to make my shoreline ugly. Can a boat go thru a double door to a house? can you drag a boat thru unfinished house walls? can a larger boat fit thru a 1 tile opening? would a cave with cave door work as a boat yard? can you pass thru a cave door while sailing a large ship? If a boat is in a cave and it collapse on it. what happens to the boat?
  12. small or large barrel lasts me a few days. 1 fillet meat + 1 foraged green like strawberry (forage/bot herb) makes a casserole. So does 3 meat or as many you can fit in a bowl + 1 strawberry. meals are same deal but with onion, pumpkin, corn (vegtable) instead of strawberry and cooked in frying pan Put 9 bowls in a oven and fill each with fillet and green to make lots of casseroles at once, think that skills more?
  13. is the servers down? doesn't say
  14. thank you for the quick response. I guess the wiki pages of the items?
  15. ok so I have a question. I read that cedar decays less. so I want to make a cedar boat. what part of the boat should be made of cedar to make the boat cedar? Same question about Carts? and houses? could this info be put into wiki for reference?
  16. is there some place to check news while twitter is not working?
  17. I have to put my thanks in this post too. I love terraforming and I dont see any other games out there or games coming that do it the way Wurm does. Simply AWESOME!
  18. I guess I missed it then. my bad. I mistaken Celebration with Chaos because Celebration had its own portal
  19. I was trying to go to Chaos from the Tutorial but I couldn't find a portal. That's what I wanted