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  1. mol-rehan disbanded the pirates. and then also theres how the great hellfang was chosen to lead but honorably declined do to the people whining and crying
  2. when i ran wiki it worked awesome just saying lol
  3. wiro i was told it was a typo on the message it gave you and its supposed to be costing 1000 XP
  4. congratz your now able to have restraining orders put on you XP
  5. thats crazy. thats hard to imagine even if it was on epic. you know how they say juggernaut of an account.......... my god
  6. can i have a black avatar. and i want to be a asian to. eww what about a person with down syndrome. or other things liek that. MIDGET AVATARS
  7. honestly you can if you grind well enough. ive seen very well experienced players die to people with lower skills. it depends how you fight i unarm brawled minimad and i had 35fs while he had atleast 70 and higher body stats. and by using tactics and height bonus/ flanking i managed to go even with him even winning at points(till he put armor and a weapon on unlike we agreed and killed me)
  8. im sure people just keep them banked if they get them anyway
  9. -1, alot of the fun of wurm is not knowing all the details of the came. discovery being something that moves the game along. private servers would kinda ruin that.