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  1. yeah thanks dude, i discovered that, after i posted this, so yep all good solved now, apart from the lag issue, i think i need to put my dedi server on a seperate box, and see how that goes.
  2. i found out what it was, it was "bigger houses mod" that was causing it, removing that, and everything is working again. i'm still suffering from lag though however.
  3. whenever i try to place a new building plan, it will begin shutting down the dedicated server, it was never like this before, has anyone else experienced this, if so how do i fix it, i tried to add the logfile but itwas like 4mb, i couldnt even upload it, anywhere, because it was too big. can anyone please takea look at this, and see if you can spot what isgoing on here, i know WU is old now, but i still enjoy playing it, and wuold love some time in it, so if you can help i would be most grateful thanks
  4. Well considering that I had my first computer when I was 26, unlike some... I didn’t grow up in the computer age... I ADAPTED... to it lol.. when I was growing up computers and the super. Highway were a thing of fantasy... but now look how far we have come since the launch of 95, in around 25 years, we have gone from big clumsy towers that took up half your desk, to devices that fit in the palm of your hand...
  5. I preferred win98, it was a great operating system for the time... most everything I played at the time were great... I was never a fan of win Xp I found it to be a bit clumsy... win vista wasn’t bad... sadly now I’m stuck with win10... with my machines... win8.1 was a half decent OS... but 98 was most certainly the best I ever used...
  6. AGP video cards... man that takes me back lol...
  7. That’s probably it then eh? Not to on internet computer at present sorry....
  8. oops didn’t see the date.. thought it was recent... poster above should.. be slapped for such an old necromancy
  9. Are you using the default map in your servers ?... I’m using a custom map... it was working fine until the last update... so I am at a loss why server map works fine for you but not for me... anyways if anyone is having problems with the mod launcher not starting up properly, try removing server map.properties that is what worked for me....
  10. after a careful process of elimination, it turned out to be server map pack, that was causing it, why i dont know.. but i removed each of the files associated with the mod launcher and reinstalled one by one, and it turned out to be that.. something that needs to be looked at, why does the launcher no load properly with it installed, (i had no other mods in there only the mod launcher files)...
  11. still no go... i need some advice here, it's lagging really badly as well now. when i try to harvest anything the lag spikes..
  12. thanks chaps, same reuslt as before still not working, disabled the items in question, and i have tried to run the server with just the modlauncher and it's components but it gave me the same error, however if i run a default map the "creative" iit will start up and hook in correctly just not working with the custom map....
  13. thanks for the replies, here is the log file, for it.. hope someone can tell me whats going on here... https://pastebin.com/RdZBFytQ
  14. sso i've just started playing wurm again, i've updated to the latest edition, both for the game, server and mod launcher, when i start a game, instead of getting the normal screen, i'm getting a start server and start server offline, no option to shut down this has happened before.. now i've tried a clean install, for the server, and there are no other mods in there apart from the files required by mod launcher, i tried the mod launcher with just the normal creative and it gave me the option to shutdown, but soon as i try with a custom map it doesnt give me an option.. see picture.. help please. edit/ just started a fresh map and got the same result, it's not starting up properly.. same as below
  15. this, we've been asking for stuff like this for a while now..