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  1. That thread about cats!

    well it is a BOX.. all your boxes belong to your kitteh..
  2. That thread about cats!

    oh crap sorry to hear that , nothing worse than losing a furkid, they're more like family than human family...
  3. What Does Wurm Do Better Than Other MMOs?

    i like rising world, but there is no structure.. no "recipe system" like we have in wurm, i know it's a newer game, and you can basically build or make anything you want... but i prefer structure, and order.. and thats one thing i love about wurm...
  4. Extreme Makeover, Wurm Edition

    when i saw the title of this thread i thought it was going to be about new and better textures lol.. well that was disappointing lol... oh well i can do it myself anyway haha
  5. Unofficial E3 2018 Thread

    halo and horizon 4 are one's i'll be getting.
  6. Custom Texturing Templates

    putting new 3d models into wu isnt difficult, it's the coding side, that makes said 3d models usable.. for exxample you can import a new bed, or lounge or whatever into game, but they have no functionality, they just become a decoration.. this is one thing that discourages me a little because if said models had functionality.. it would make the game a lot better and sharing said models would encourage others to get involved. using java as a game engine makes the game very restrictive.
  7. Unofficial E3 2018 Thread

    hopefully ubishaft will give up more details on the new anno game, anno 1800..
  8. scaling issues

    whomever put this down here, it doesnt need to be down here really, because it was a modding issue which i've since fixed, on my own..
  9. scaling issues

    right dont really understand any of that lol, but i'll take a look and see if i can get my head around that... if my understanding is right, it seems the item your trying to import has to be 2 times bigger, or am i missing something here?? it seems when you import something into dae for WU, it needs to 2.5 times the size of a default model.. this really is hit and miss.
  10. scaling issues

    so i decided to do a test lounge, and here in is the problem, i can not seem to be able to find the right scale, it's either too big or too small, what am i missing here?? thanks in advance. as you can see it's rediculously small..
  11. nope not using both, could never get joe's mod to work, however the 1.4 version of this mod works flawlessly, it's just not working 1.5 and i'm at a loss as to why it's not working.. oh well since it's working for everyone else, i'll just keep using 1.4
  12. nope no chopped crops, just standard.
  13. the latest iteration of bettterfarming seems busted, when i try to use it to plant a field from the barrel, there is no option to multi plant, it's only available for 1 tile at a time, there are no log errors that i can see, when i try the earlier iteration of this mod, there are no issues, actually i'm using 1.4 and it's harvesting crops right now, as i type this (i can hear it harvesting in the background).. not sure if anyone else is having problems with it, but it's most certainly not working for me
  14. is it possible to paint sprouts onto the ground, i know we can paint various types of trees etc on the ground, but what i'm wanting to do, is paint "young tree's on the ground" instead of random aged trees, is there an option to do this.. if so what are they and where do i find them.. thanks
  15. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    would this be at all possible with custom made tables instead of the default ingame one's?