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  1. i see 3 issues here. i've seen this kind of thing before, 1. he seems to have gotten a b ig head over "his" designs,.. in all my years or modding for other games, i never saw anyone get this "power hungry" threatening to sue someone over something they DO NOT OWN. 2. the models are not his 3. the textures and images are not his either. so this entire dummy spit has been for absolutely nothing. unless you create it from scratch including the models and textures then you can not claim it as YOUR OWN WORK. i've done alot of model conversion work over the years, and been in alot of gaming communities, it is a real blight on wurm to see this kind of thing being played out in the open like this. oh and i did try the jar file in a new game, but for the life of me it just doesnt do anything.. oh well lol. .. moving on.
  2. long time between drinks it seems lol, nice work, sure will make it easier for those who need it.
  3. @Huntarif you do, you will have my utmost respect, i "might" even be willing to give you a "SMALL" monetary gift via paypal just to say thankyou, after reading all this and wondering why this thread hasnt been locked. arkonick i asked you nicely, and a simple yes or no would have sufficed, but no what did you do, you wrote a book, and as usual #aintgotnotimeforthat. oh and i forgot to add, i havent touched wurm since you started this spoilt child spat, because you have taken away my joy from this once wonderful game admins i think this discussion has taken it's course please shut it down.
  4. Power going to your head there arkonick, maybe if you stopped being selfish and let people use your modded content for use on their own, whether it be a private or public server, then you wouldnt be getting your arse yanded to you. All people have to do is say that modded xyz is by arkonick. Its not rocket science. If you dnt want people using your modd then dont relesse them it aint hard.
  5. thanks mate, for doing this, but it didnt work, that might be something this old fart just cant grasp, how much of the above code do i put into np++ and do i need to have the small bucket json file in a folder called "small b ucket" sorry lol b ut i'm not really that smart when it comes to things like this, i'm better with things in the real world, not on a computer as in programming stuff lol.
  6. thanks dude, but no dice still the same as before. cheers all the same
  7. Sorry about the necromance but is it possible to use this script to create a larger bucket? 12litres is far toosmall, suggestions? Thanks mate
  8. Im in the midst of maple season, and the bucket is filling up very fast, currently i have 16 small barrels(going to make 30 large barrels tomorrow) full of sap, so either a bigger bucket or being able to harvest sap straight to the barrels would be better.
  9. +1 for the seed spreader
  10. +1 i posted about this about a week ago, and got ignored
  11. +1 for the giggle it just gave me lol
  12. so ok, i'm wanting to invesigate for example beer, how much product (as in hops sugar water etc)do i need to fill a wine barrel for example, thanks in advance
  13. +1