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  1. is it possible to paint sprouts onto the ground, i know we can paint various types of trees etc on the ground, but what i'm wanting to do, is paint "young tree's on the ground" instead of random aged trees, is there an option to do this.. if so what are they and where do i find them.. thanks
  2. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    would this be at all possible with custom made tables instead of the default ingame one's?
  3. move to border?

    is there any chance someone can come up with a script or something that allows us to move things to border, as in trellises, it would make things a lot simpler and neater specially in the case of the hops trellises, right now i have all mine in the middle of each tile, i would be nice if i could have them on the border of the tile instead.. thanks readers.
  4. yesterday i was looking at using trellis in the arch pieces as a fence, only to find they're probably 3 inches too short, so maybe make them a little bit taller so they fit nicely in the arches whether t arch or curved.. and probably make them a little wider as well so they fit snuggly in a U arch..
  5. trellis as fences

    righto, the trellis needs to be slightly taller then in this case, thanks though for the reply.. it certainly explains why it doesnt look right.. cheers
  6. has anyone managed to use a trellis as a fence, i've tried to put them in, but with the "T" wall sections, but they seem to leave a gap at the top, does anyone have any suggestions on how i can fix this.. i'll post pics tomorrow if required.. thanks
  7. Wild Terra

    well you know what they can do with that lol... as we say here in oz, they can shove it where the sun dont shine... and that's putting it politely.
  8. Ok then, some say you need to be mounted, as in on the cart or wagon to do so, ive nothad that issue...
  9. Do you have 'better digging' mod. The wand is bugged, the only way you will be able to use it, is with the aforementioned mod,
  10. bigger houses mod causes the server to shut down, i had nobuildlimit and biggerhouses in the mods folder together and it caused the server to crash, the bigger houses mod should not be used, not sure if anyone else is having this issue but it crashed my server multiple times before i figured out what was wrong.
  11. disregard solved

    solved, can be deleted
  12. Ebony Wand error and can not mail

    i loaded an old save because quite frankly i didnt feel like starting over, the result was the gm wand works fine with flattening, when i first came back to wurm after time away from it, it gave me the error about it being full, so i'm not sure if that was the issue, or not.. at least for me,.. i've just tried on the old save and it's working fine now, no need to be mounted or anything else..
  13. disregard, human error strikes again lol.. works fine
  14. No tree collisions is not working, it crashes the server if i try to load it activated