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      Due to the need to revert the update from today, any clients which were updated will need to be cleared from the Java cache before the correct one can be redownloaded.   To clear your Java cache click on Start, and then run (Or windows + R key) and type in javaws -viewer and click OK   Then click on the wurm online files and remove selected files   Once that is done you will be able to click the "Play" button on the website to redownload the launcher.


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  1. these look nice, but i think it's rude that your not prepared to share them, but that's none of my business. just sayin!!!!
  2. I would suggest that would be A mod?
  3. Yep ok thanks, see how we go then
  4. yep i know they dont, but i can use the ebony wand and create them though? and then plant them as though they were normal bushes and plant them in tundra???
  5. so i know there are small bushes of lingonberry that grow in the tundra, but am i able to plant them on regular grass and they'll still grow and produce fruit, or are they tundra specific?? thanks
  6. alright thanks, i'll download em now, i just need to know what part is what, so i can modify them to get rid of those old tired textures and replace them with something nicer, thanks again
  7. yeah i can see it, what am i supposed to do with it, ??? remember i'm not a programmer,
  8. how do i get the wall from wom into a format that 3dsmax can use, i also use maya from time to time,
  9. i would appreciate this as well, so +1
  10. yeah thats ok, but what parts, can you post a pic with each part, so i know what is what, right now i know what the main door is, and the wall texture is, i need to know about the arch the door frames and the top and bottom part of the doors, and possibly the window frames.
  11. I would love also to know which are the door and arch textures, i know which one are the main door, but the door frames and front arch ways,
  12. LMao, i nearly died kaughing at that, the subtitles cracked me up
  13. right now i'm in between the digging starfall and the starfall of the leaf,(im about 2 IRL days for oleanders. i started a new server a few days ago, and by now i've got bees, but there hasnt been even one bee hive. on my previous i had bees, but crops wouldnt grow, or if they did it would be 1 would grow, ie pumpkins would but sugarbeets wouldnt so i had to make a new server so i had food for my character, usually by now i have around 500 hives. that was before the last update. hope this helps.
  14. but i'm not getting any at all, i'm guessing somethng was changed, with the last update, because on my "cooking update" map there are like 5000 bee hives, across my map and steadily rising,.. starting a clean map gives me no bee hives.