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  1. doesnt matter, i just felt angry that we got lied to, this isnt the first time they promised an update and nothing has been done, but doesnt matter now anyway, i'm done with WU to be quite frank with you, after this promised update didnt come through, i guess it doesnt matter to them, becauase their only interest is really in the WO, where they actually MAKE MONEY, as where they make diddly squat from WU, the game needs more than it currently has, as in it needs npc, it needs official modding support, and there are a plethora of other issues, but you know those already... i got bit really hard with steam hammer, they too promised an update, and since then the game has been abandoned to die along with alot of other games..
  2. Last week, retro, posted therewould be a beta update either by weekend or early this week, well they blew the ar$e out of that... They are proving to be like politicians say one thing then do another lol... #notesarcasm 😜😒
  3. you said the weekend or early next week, well guys it's now late in the week and there is still no update just sayin
  4. i dont know what the big deal is with nvidia drivers, i've got a gtx 1050 6gb in mine or something like that, and i dont have issues with drivers, my biggest issue with this video card is the fact it starts making horrible noises like the fan is hitting something if it's standing but if it's laying down there are no horrible noises..
  5. right now, i'm kinda fed up with wurm, the lack of updates, the lack of community.. so to speak,.. i mean sure we have a lot down in the WU, area, but once you have built everything, i mean what else is there to do, if your flying by the seat of your pants and doing it solo, so i've put wurm away for a while, and gone off to play out of reach, i bought it on sale a while back, just now getting into it.
  6. i couldnt even get it to load, let alone get in there to experience the map.. it's just too big even for my computer.. needless to say it didnt stay long, i tried that map generator "Wgenerator" and i cant get it to generate a map bigger than 4096,...
  7. Of course my comments were most definitely tongue in cheek lol 😜😉
  8. keep dreaming lol, it took them 6 months last time for the last major update, so just might be at least another couple of months... after all we, WU people are basically an "after thought" when it comes to WURM...lol.
  9. yup i've been doing this for a long time now, maybe a y ear or so.
  10. oh i'm hoping this im not dreaming lol.
  11. hahaha that's just mean LOL
  12. would it be possible to copy say "stone wall.wom and then edit the mappings.txt and add it as a new wall type maybe??
  13. updated more often, than "once every six months" for WU.. would be top of my list.. I would love to see more NPC, but not just wandering NPC, but npc's who have the ability to be trained to do certain tasks, another thing I would like to see is the game move forward from the medieval age, to machine age, as in water mills, windmill's and so on... I mean it cant be that hard to take the game forward, instead of being stuck in the "dark ages of history" as it were .
  14. it takes commitment lol, and being "normal" is boring, lol