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  1. This!!!
  2. Is there a way to turn rock to dirt, now that is smething i would love to see, it would save me alot of headaches, i know ynis is reverse to what your saying but just asking?
  3. yep same here too
  4. love your work matey, these look amazing
  5. love your work matey, these look amazing
  6. doesnt matter now, i've repaired what needed to be fixed, i've learned from this experience, you dont get a message it just doesnt flatten out. note others dont build mines where you maybe plan to build later, thats all.
  7. i just tried to download a mod from your list and some clown has reported your mods as "evil" lol meaning if you try to click anything you get a huge page of red flags i'm using firefox
  8. yeah 1.4 x.x so yeah that's what is causing it then, at least i understand whats causing it thanks
  9. never used to happen before the last update, i should point out there is no reinforcing or walls inside, just stone.
  10. i'm not sure if this is a bug, so if someone could clarify so here is what is happening if have a mine set up close to a building site, that i'm working on, and then i close said mine, and go to clear the site for use, the ground where the mine once stood wont flatten, i have to go back inside the mine and "repair" it to be able to reflatten it above, now this is my best explanation this, i am using mods, yes and they were and are working fine, this wasnt an issue before the latest update. has this happened to anyone, or is it just me. i need to know if this is the case before i report it as a bug
  11. i'd love to do something like that myself, but i'm not smart enough to figure out "height maps" lol
  12. right thanks, i'll have a look again soon,
  13. ok so i'm wanting to set up a home server, for myself only. i have a spare computer now that i bought the new one, what i want to know is how do i get wurm unlimited to run the old computer as the server and the new as the client, whenever i try to set it to "online" it boots me clean out and the only way i can get it work is offline, which is clearly not what i want, i want to be able to leave the server up 24/7. and just turn off my main pc when i'm asleep... suggestions please, hope no one got confused by this post lol
  14. Remove the 'move to center' as its no longer needed, thats part of the game!