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  1. have to agree with this comment, i bought a 2 and half grand computer just before christmas, because i thought fallout4 would run better and crash less, if anything it crashes more.. i bought an acer predator I7...
  2. first person view prob

    ive got it set really really low, and it still gets skittery.. dont know what else i can say to get the devs to look in on t his..
  3. first person view prob

    when i'm walking somewhere, the camera suddenly changes its position to down or other than the direction i'm headed, it's been doing it from day dot, and it's really starting to gripe me, i've tried changing my mouse settings to no avail, and tried changing sensitivity in wurm settings still getting this issue , it only happens when i'm walking somewhere or "flight".. otherwise if i'm standing still it's fine... i have no problems with other games in first person just this one.. suggestions please before i break another keyboard lol..
  4. well i can report back it was most certainly the timelock messing up harvesting times.. i've just been able to harvest oleanders on a new clean server, albeit 5 mins or so after the time i was supposed to be, and that was because i had used the timelock fora very limited time.. dont ask me why i'm the only one who gets messed up harvesting.. but from now on, i'll be fine working in the dark lol..
  5. New Roof

    it's been done to death, and there has been no answers from the devs on this, i personally would love to see a different style instead of the roofing style we are locked into now, i tend not to use the pitched roofing style, because it just doesnt suit...
  6. to answer your first question, i know what i'm doing... sorta lol... i used a tutorial i found via these forums.. rheyan's gaming or something to that effect... 2ndly yes i waited plenty long enough it just didnt change from oak and maple to whatever was next cherries i think.. as i said i dont know what caused it, but anyhoo it doesnt matter now, i've deleted those old files, i'm not keen to go through that again
  7. so at the moment i'm rebuilding my deed, after yet another bug or dodgy mod wiped me out, so my thought it was, what if we can reuse the stumps instead of destroying them, maybe make them so they can be picked up, put in inventory or a BSB or crate.. for later use.. thoughts, comments?
  8. So its not just me then? I will report back this morning when im at my computer as to whether it is all fubared again... just logged in on my new server, it's working fine now, not sure what was causing it before, i can only put it down to the timelock that was causing it... it was like maple and oak were stuck in some kind of time warp.. i tried changing the world time, but that didnt fix it either.. i tried resetting the databases, but all that did was wipe everything off the map. leaving me with no trees or mines on deed.. and that wasnt much fun... so restarted, very RELUCTANTLY.
  9. I tried changing the world time, and it still showed them in harvest, it was likw they were stuck in a timewarp or something. Doesnt matter now as ive deleted and restarted a new server
  10. Well it did. It messed up months worth of work.. How or why i dont know... Started a new server, and immediately it changed the growth time, and before you ask, yes it was in the client folder... Now im not saying it was that mod, it maybe something else, but soon as i purged it from my game, the time for the next harvest of oleanders is right on cue...
  11. is anyone having issues with the "timelock" mod. when i use it, it freezes the time of day just fine, but it also messes up tree and shrub growth, for example i tried to use it today, and it buggered up the amount of time before the oleander's were due for harvest, instead of 2 days it added time to it, until i turned it off, is this a common occurrence?? is there a way to change this so it doesnt mess up growth time, i've lost months of work because it completely messed up my server and plant growing time..
  12. well i started a new server last night, and before i went to my crypt, it showed oleanders ready to harvest in x amount of days, then this morning i logged on, and it showed that it wouldnt be in harvest for again for 36 days, something has gone completely sh, and i dont know what, this is getting rather frustrating, i started a new server again this morning, replaced the harvest helper mod, and so far so good, but i dont think it's going to help.. i will post again tomorrow with an update whether or not its still screwed.. things that are in harvest should no longer be in harvest.. and that's the problem.
  13. One hand spear please

    spears would also be good when hunting..