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  1. this has nothing to do with archery, its about planting trees or crops at distance instead of having to do it one by one.
  2. Yep 98 qualirty. Throughtnout
  3. just wondering how everyone is getting on with the orange tree's. tonight I got my very first harvest since the update for the food setup... my very first harvest gave me 278. I've got around 400 trees in, but most are too young to be harvested.. next season though I reckon I could double or triple the amount of harvest...
  4. so don't shoot me if this has been suggested here is what i'm thinking, let's say you have 8 empty tiles in front of you and you want to plant 8 tree's or even fields for that matter, and you would rather do it in one click instead of having to do it in 8. you simply select 8 of any given type and then click the furthest one that you can reach, in my case I can reach 8 from the tile i'm standing on, and then bam it fills those 8 tiles that you want to plant out.. seems reasonable? not sure if it can be done, but just throwing this suggestion out there..
  5. a while back he made a script that could be edited for either a bucket or fruit press or even a barrel but for the life of me, I never could get it to work. i'm wondering if someone would be able to send me a script that ACTUALLY WORKS. I followed his instructions to the letter but still couldn't get it work.. I have a 10000 tile winery and I am going to need a very big fruit press anyone?? thanks in advance.
  6. server

    oh yes that's right I saw this already lol.. have this in my mod folder, still don't know how I ended up with all t hose wagons I mentioned in pm though lol
  7. I bring you greetings from a sunny and warm Australia LOL here is what i'm upto when i'm not on the PC
  8. I tried changing it to another icon (just tried a random number) and it still made the "decorations menu" vanish. anyway I have shelved it for now, until I can figure out what is causing it.
  9. rain occlusion, now that's what i'm talking about, how long before this arrives in WU?
  10. only problem i'm having is, if I have it listed under "decoration" it causes the entire "decoration' menu to disappear from crafting, i'm not 100% sure why it's doing it, kind of shelved that for the time being till I can figure it out.. oh if anyone reads this and has an idea how do I change the icon currently it's set to cloth, how do I get it set to "???" like the wall frames thanks
  11. did you download the extra packs on the github page, because I just checked and they're all there.
  12. Naww @Firestarter you are a person after my own heart, love seeing the floofy's theyre gorgeous.. You are so lucky to these furkids.. Gorgeos as.. Same with iberus..
  13. so some of you know that i did some texture upgrades for wurm, and i'm sure some of you have used those, so thanks for that, most of you know i fell out with arkonick over his unwillingness, shall we say to let me use his stuff, but i've been using it anyway, for private use, it's funny how those that cause us great angst, can also inspire us to learn new things, and i must say a big thankyou to arkonick for making me angry enough to learn something new.. and an even bigger thankyou to @agofor lending me his ear as it were in regards to helping me get my head around a little scripting. this is my first mod that i've done from scratch.. i'm still trying to figure out how to get it to fit into the window frame, nice and neatly, but with each test it's getting right where i want it...i'm almost there and i'm stoked, it's supposed to represent a stained glass window. getting a window into wurm will be a great achievement for me, it will be just the beginning of things to come.. when i sink my teeth into something i go whole hog. i'm just wondering though if it is possible to mod in ceilings and new roofing styles.. guess that's something i'll have to investigate.
  14. would it be possible to make a 3d glass window pane, not the actual frame, but just the window model and use it as a decoration, as in push it into the wall so it fits in the window frame in wurm?? I know that there has been a lot of suggestions for this in the main forums up town, but nothing has come of it, so i'm wondering whether it would be possible to mod it in?? cheers guys
  15. Thanks guys, i thought this maybe the case, bugger.