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  1. so turning off decay in the restrictions, via the gm wand wont help then. i assume? i had the same issue with milk, i had it in a barrel but it started to decay, so i reset the decay and end up putting in a wine barrel, then using a peg to seal it, seems to be keeping it fresh at the moment at least.
  2. so i've just got my first lost of snowballs, they're on deed and in the icebox in the larder, how long before they start decaying?? for anyone who might be interested in how many you can store, it's 100 even. thanks
  3. i would love to see fences like mentioned above, what i would like to see more, is the ability to build diagonally instead of just squares, i know that would take alot to do, but surely there must be a way, that we can build other shapes, instead of just "boxes" just sayin
  4. Having them do tasks, like shearing or milking stuff like that..
  5. my first winter in wurm, just beautiful..
  6. wrong country dude, or dudette, WA is western australian.. not USA LOL.. yesterday's heat knocked me for a sixer, it hit me so hard i slept in till after 9am this morning, usually i'm up and having my first nescafe by 8-830am.
  7. Australia is far from a hell hole cobber, australia is is the best place on earth.. The weather gets a little extreme... Arond may or june it will be so cold, you will see penguins skating around the living room lol (note sarcasm)...
  8. +100 this hS been spoken about before, i dont know why the devs havent done it already?
  9. yikes, that's just not nice.. you can have that all to yourself.. a part of me wants the cooler weather too..but then another part says #girlsinsummerclothes lol..
  10. LOL, where are you from @Oblivionnreaverand @Rhianna i'm from northern Tasmania, we had 33 here today, in the end. i cant believe i used to live the 40C days, when i resided in WA, now i cant handle it.. getting old and soft, me suspects haha
  11. this is why i prefer WU, we can designate areas that are PVP, and for the most part, there is no "griefing" one reason why i dont play the online version because of the pvp and "griefing issue..
  12. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/interior/hall/medieval-knight-statue-3 i'm contemplating making this into a mod for wurm unlimited, and i just want to know is there any advice anyone can give me, as in scale etc etc, it wont have a purpose other than decoration??
  13. oh right, i t hought this was just me.. but seems to be a bug, thanks for that, i didnt post about it, because i thought it was something screwy with my map... hope this gets fixed soon as.. cheers.
  14. oh definitely +1, what about a stage coach, like they had in the wild west.. that'd be cool lol.