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  1. Well, I also was the guy who originally came up with the idea to make chaos made up of pmks, and noone wants to give me credit for that either. Not that I really cate though, lol. All I care about is the game getting better so I can play again.
  2. When fawkes agrees with me, you know its a big deal.
  3. I'm talking about WO. I've seen chara named after the gods. No idae who owns them now.
  4. Must be something wierd with my phone. Its kinda old now.
  5. You are concerned about people getting angry over the gods being removed, but yet you aren't concerned about the people angry about the original gods being useless, calling them "salty". What kind of twisted mindset is that? I think Rolf will have more problems on his hands if he leaves the gods the way they are. Not only are they imbalanced, but they basically killed PVP. The game is dying, and leaving the gods the way they are wont help things. Something has to be done. I joined affliction today, thinking I might have some fun. I was greeted by an old Wurm veteran. I asked him how things are going, and he told me "I'm enjoying the last days of Epic..." It really will be the last days of Epic if these gods aren't fixed! The decline is blatantly obvious. Though a lot of it is because of Wurm Unlimited, a lot of it is also because of the gods ruining the game. Just look at the skirmishes threads, and how pathetic they look compared to the way they used to be. At the very least get rid of the BL spells for WL gods. This would fix some of the most basic of imbalances caused by new gods. Even better, would be to balance the spells the gods have manually instead of relying on random generation. Giving the new gods unique spells would make the game more interesting as well. The new gods could be an awesome thing for Wurm, but they were implemented lazily. I wouldn't have a problem with the gods if they were balanced.
  6. I remember seeing a player account named Magranon before, and another named Fo. If these accounts became god, would it break the game? If you own these accounts please come forwards. I would like to do some "experiments".
  7. That's a pretty twisted way of looking at things. If the community is literally in uproar about something, I don't think closing a thread about it helps. Before you know it, another thread will appear about the same topic.
  8. $5 for a blueprint to make a gargole statue from the wurm shop.
  9. NVM

    why is this not locked yet
  10. Did you even read his post. The priests may have been slightly unbalanced in some people's point of view (not in mine), but now they are super unbalanced to the point that it is ridiculous.
  11. Dragospine castle was abandoned a while ago, should probably update this page
  12. Using the steam workship this would be easy
  13. Here is another crazy suggestion brought to you by Arowhun. Pls no hating. So, I've always thought Wurm was weird, in that in forestland when you walk around, there is another mob every 5 tiles. There is no way in hell that an ecosystem can maintain such numbers of animals. Another thing thats wierd, is how spiders and doe seem to be best friends at times... Of course, making these two animals kill each other would be bad, cause all the doe would die out, but maybe there is a solution to this. Another thing, hunting in Wurm isnt as fun as it could be. What if while hunting, you actually had to search for mobs to kill, like how it is in real life? Tracking skill would become very important for hunters. Also, what if animals like deer behaved like deer do in real life, and actually run away from you when you try to bash them with a maul instead of fighting you. That way, the best way to kill them would be with ranged attacks, like it is in real life. Would be very enjoyable system IMO. Hunting would become a system to train sneaking skill, tracking skill, and ranged combat skills. But to those of you who are asking "But what about fs skill, how will you train it?" Well, the answer is simple. Dungeons. Across the maps, there can be dungeons that spawn in, full of constantly respawning mobs. For instance, there can be a spider dungeon, and all the way inside of it there could even be a spider queen boss that re-spawns occasionally. There could be goblin and troll villages, where players could camp for fs gains. As for some of the other mobs, there could be more interesting AI. For instance, crocodiles could hang out on the edge of water, and drag players in to drown them if the player is too weak to fight back. Wolves could hunt in packs, chasing down non-hostile mobs, but at a limit of one mob killed per pack day to prevent them from wiping out the forests. Trolls and goblins could occasionally leave their villages in groups, running around and killing any noob that is unfortunate enough to get in their way. Stuff like that.
  14. ONLLYY a vast majority... LMAO
  15. I like the idea of blueprints you can purchase from traders. Blueprints allow you to create one cosmetically different version of an item. For instance, you can make a long-sword that looks like a roman gladius.
  16. Glad to see my suggestions are making waves. +1
  17. Wurm Online may be dying now, but I believe there is still hope. This isn't the first decline in Wurm Onilne's history. Remember that time things were declining years ago, and then Rolf and co made big changes like multistory and customizable characters, then the playercount skyrocketed? All it takes are some ground breaking updates, and people will come back. I'm surley waiting.
  18. Maybe a speed boost based on QL wouldn't be bad, but I don't want to see uber fast carts that are 90ql. That would be ridiculous.