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  1. Valley Hold Tunnel

    I'll be there :) JS
  2. Hybrid Walls

    should be able to refinish the interior similar to cave walls... and the ability to do a wainscot of a different material would be sweet! Having it as something that could be added, or otherwise changed, after the wall is built would be awesome. JS
  3. I'd like for the vehicles to have 'hooks'. Certain items could be attached to these hooks, and then become part of the vehicle. The most obvious is a lantern. Would function just like a lamp, but attached to your cart or corbita. They'd increase vehicle weight, but wouldn't take storage space or slow it down. Some possibilities for attachable items would be: Lanterns/Hanging Lamps Banners Water Barrel Toolbox Hitching hooks (hitch a horse that's being led) Compass There are probably a lot of other possibilities... JS
  4. Vehicle Attachments and Enhancements

    Thought of this topic when someone mentioned being able to remove the wagon cover... Simply have the cover use one of the 'hooks'. Also, I'll add a compass to the list. Something like saddle sacks (or a glove compartment) would be handy.
  5. boat light on top mast

    +1 my year old post that would include this:
  6. Love for Weaponless Fighting.

    monk ftw +1
  7. I'd settle for getting a context menu addition when embarked that lets you choose from the different possible positions a passenger can currently be in. Would be awesome to walk around, but just being able to switch spots seems to me like it should be easy to code. Of course, I'd also love to see the ability to hang lanterns on different hooks around the boat have banners that hang over the side have a personalized (somewhat) flag ability to add a ship's compass enter the cabin on the larger ships (decorate it also) add an anchor to a ship (don't have to carry when not moored) use ropes to tie one ship to another (for purposes of delivering one) well, that's my two cents, though I might be forgetting something in that list. JS
  8. Dogs dogs dogs!

    +1 Dog should bark in local if aggressive mob near. Dog should gain loyalty to it's owner/deed, and hang around, even if not tamed. JS
  9. Gardens, flowers, bushes, seeds

    +1 Make Wurm Beautiful Again! I like the idea of more flower gardening, being able to make a tile a 'flower garden' tile and plant different flowers in it, mulch it, put a border around it, stepping stones in it, etc... JS
  10. Books and bookshelves

    +1 Things on tables, shelves, and such shouldn't decay much if building first floor is complete, in my opinion... I realize that stopping decay completely would compete with the magical chests to some degree, but bookshelves and tables can't be locked. JS
  11. A Horse of a Different Color

    +1 Don't change the old ones, just give more variety. JS
  12. Few changes ( important and not so )

    The Problem with #1 is that my cost for decay prevention just went up.... to deed upkeep + bulk materials. Personally, I'd be ok with either/or, but not with both at the same time. I could see having some kind of option where you turn it on and instead of taking silver for upkeep, it will first drain the designated Bulk Deed Upkeep Materials crates that are set up somewhere on deed, and tied to my deed or another deed I have permissions to, then it will drain the silver I've put in the deed coffers. More options, good.... more expense? nope. JS
  13. Ok, I don't have a real solid and polished idea on this, but I see the problem. Problem: Slow economy. Lack of trade between players. Players will tend to do everything themselves, instead of purchasing from others. Solution: Some kind of bulk possibilities with merchants and wagoners. Possibly with traders also. I could put 5k bricks on my merchant and someone could come to Pleasantview and purchase however many they want at my established 'per brick' price. Someone could go to a merchant connected by the road system and by wagoners, could see the goods on my merchant, purchase them and have their wagoner come pick them up or my wagoner (if I had one) make the delivery. Wagoner would take a delivery fee of course... so they'd be better off as far as purchase price to drive over. This would allow people to, at their convenience purchase bulk items they need. And people could at their convenience sell said bulk items. JS Note: need some way for a new player to be able to make 100 bricks and sell them using a convenient system also. That will help new players get started.
  14. And Wagoners are great for delivery, but only for delivery.
  15. The locked BSB or Gate system is neither easy nor convenient, as either a purchaser or a seller. It may work for those who want to buy several thousand of something, but a relatively new player will likely not use it. I've got bricks that would be available if there were an easy way, but I'm not, at this point, going to set up a bsb/key system. I don't think the problem is truly lack of players. 10 players could effectively specialize and have a good and vibrant economy between them. The problem is that it's easier for me to learn to do it all myself than for me to sell what I do well and buy what I don't do well. As long as buying and selling is inconvenient or difficult, it simply will not happen as much. I don't see a disadvantage to my proposal. JS
  16. +1, if a lock has to be added to a completed item. [unintended consequences] I don't want to have to set permissions to allow my alts access to the goods... A locked rack would also prevent salvaging of armor/weapons from fallen deeds/houses. Which could be either good or bad... JS
  17. Camels

    I don't see how camels 'don't fit'. Camels were around in Europe in Medieval times... +1 from me JS
  18. Interactive map

    Ok, first: current in-game map is really stinky. Cannot click/scroll to zoom/focus map. It is rarely updated. It's a pain to use, hence the popularity of out-of-game maps. So, fix that problem first: Allow maps to craftable. You can buy an improved map, with higher ql yielding a better experience. If you're carrying multiple maps then you'd have a choice. There could be many options for different kinds of maps, just look at the different maps the community has created. Second: it is very noble to be able to find one's position based on a crummy map and your own view. I acknowledge how awesome y'all are. I also acknowledge that not everyone is that great at map reading. It is a combination of skill and art, and some people simply cannot do it (I know several people who fit that category). Allow a "crude dioptra" to be used to make a temporary notation on the map. It would get you close to your position, closer at better ql. The crude dioptra would be fashioned with branches and cotton or wemp fiber. Able to be made at beginner skill, used in combination with a compass (or a crude compass). My two cents... JS
  19. leather sword sheath

    +1 makes no sense to walk around in combat stance all the time... JS
  20. Make enchanted grass inside caves

    +1 Enchanted grass is 'enchanted', grows even in caves because it's magic! Moss, mycelium should be possible tile options. Mushrooms should spawn in caves, be 'rummage'-able and plantable in a planter or flowerbed underground. JS
  21. Favor regen while sleeping or offline

    regen at maybe half the speed... but +1 either way.
  22. Crafting show weight required

    +1 could have it show when mousing over the ingredient icon, or just as an extra bit on the line for that ingredient.
  23. An actual purpose to enchanting trees

    +1 10% chance to lose enchantment on harvest or cutting sprout...
  24. More wood properties

    +1 so there are several properties... right now it's just per wood... as Wargasm and Etherdrifter detailed. but it could be where each wood could simply have a rating for each of several properties. Hardness and Rot-resistance Trenix mentioned, there are other possibilities as well. Hardness (damage it takes per use) Density (weight, residual ash quantity) Rot-Resistance (slower decay) Flexibility (lower for pegs/tenons, higher for bows) (there's one more I'm not coming up with) A hard/dense tree takes longer to grow, and the combo is good for tools (oak, hickory) So maybe, if on a 1 to 5 scale for each: Oak (5, 4, 2, 1) Cedar (3, 2, 5, 1) Willow (3, 1, 2, 5) Pine (1, 1, 2, 2) Less dense woods weigh less and grow quicker. Anyway, I'd like to see it move towards more variable properties and away from "this wood does this". JS
  25. Wall Items

    +1 Hanging lamps, tapestries, shields... all good. JS