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  1. I like the idea... Would make leaving gifts for a friend much better. JS
  2. Yes, but that's with 30ql armor and a 50ql sword. As a newbie, looking at that, I'd likely be thinking it'll be a long time before I can make better than starter gear. Ideally, noobs would start with nearly nothing, and yet not die immediately when they encounter something like a wildcat or wolf. The Journal system should guide the new player through making their own first armor (or second if it must be so) and it should actually be useful to them. of course, I'm talking 'ideally', but if they're looking at the way combat works now, we can hope JS
  3. Ok, a couple ideas about fighting. Hopefully nothing radical. 1. Fighting at low skill: It seems to me that even poor leather armor and a sharpened stick would allow me at least even odds to take on a wildcat or mountain lion. If I've got plate or chain and a halfway decent sword, any normal animal should be a piece of cake (giant scorpions and spiders should be harder, and to a new player they look harder). I suggest a rebalance of fighting in general, making the starting point in skill much more effective and maybe the skill improvements less important. 2. Fighting in general: As fight skill and weapon skill improve, I should gain additional skills usable during battle. Maybe not having shield bash until skill 10, and gaining additional skills to use as my skill goes up. I don't really have much incentive or notice much difference from the skill increase as it is, except that eventually bears aren't a problem. JS
  4. As far as implementation... Carve a deed stake. Plant deed stake at least five tiles in from any edge (must be mayor). Creates a secondary deed token, usable for bank, upkeep, info, etc... At new deed token select "make this the primary token". At the old and now secondary token select "remove token". JS
  5. Yes and no.... starting out with decent stuff does not help. It simply puts off the "make your own stuff to survive" until it's impossible to make stuff that's good enough to be useful without hours of work. I'd much rather a tutorial help me craft my own ql5 stuff, and then be able to buff it up a bit in my first few hours of playing in whatever town I started in. Don't start me with good stuff, show me how to get started with making my own usable stuff. JS Edit: The Journals might be a step in the right direction here...
  6. I would use this right away... my token is on the upper tier of my land, I'd rather have it more central, and easier to access. JS
  7. It is annoying that my nearest neighbors wouldn't be in local chat half the time, even though our deeds are pretty close. If it's too painful to change 'local' range because it's attached to too many things, can we get some kind of separate modifiable range for a separate chat window? Local chat has an advantage over the server chat in that I see who's in it... JS
  8. I understand that. My response was to those who don't like the idea because it breaks immersion. There are three basic reasons given for not having it. 1. It would take significant coding/debugging. True, but this is probably about the best time for that, if it's doable without major 'broad appeal', QoL improvement sacrifices... 2. It would break my immersion/alter how I respond to the environment. This is not unusual. In games with the choice available, people have their preferences. That's ok. Actually, that's good! 3. It would break pvp. First, I don't really care because I don't pvpā€¦ but I'd rather keep as many people happy as possible so... How about it's disabled anywhere pvp is possible?
  9. More consumption would be good... If I make food, it decays too fast, and so I don't even bother making it... just 'refresh' myself occasionally. If I could make larger quantities that wouldn't decay before I ate them, even if it used significantly more materials, I'd be ok with that. JS
  10. The broader appeal might be a reason to look at this again... I still feel more at home when I play a 3rd person perspective game. Choices are good. Keep your immersive 1st person if you want to, but I'd much rather have 3rd person. JS
  11. Excellent! Also, there could be a small chance that breeding would produce wild animals. All bred pets would be either wild or domestic. Maybe there's a relatively small chance that breeding two wild (tamed) wildcats produces a domesticated kitten, but breeding two domesticated cats has a relatively small chance of producing a wild progeny. JS
  12. Haven't tried it because: Would have to interrupt my current projects. Would have to travel. Would likely enjoy it more in a group, and I mostly solo. If I could simply teleport from my deed, I probably would have just to check it out... JS
  13. +1 Also, Dogs should bark when an aggressive creature shows up on deed, cats hiss. Makes them handy to have around. They would also like to hang around where people are, and possibly greet someone who enters the deed. JS
  14. should be able to refinish the interior similar to cave walls... and the ability to do a wainscot of a different material would be sweet! Having it as something that could be added, or otherwise changed, after the wall is built would be awesome. JS
  15. Thought of this topic when someone mentioned being able to remove the wagon cover... Simply have the cover use one of the 'hooks'. Also, I'll add a compass to the list. Something like saddle sacks (or a glove compartment) would be handy.
  16. +1 my year old post that would include this:
  17. I'd settle for getting a context menu addition when embarked that lets you choose from the different possible positions a passenger can currently be in. Would be awesome to walk around, but just being able to switch spots seems to me like it should be easy to code. Of course, I'd also love to see the ability to hang lanterns on different hooks around the boat have banners that hang over the side have a personalized (somewhat) flag ability to add a ship's compass enter the cabin on the larger ships (decorate it also) add an anchor to a ship (don't have to carry when not moored) use ropes to tie one ship to another (for purposes of delivering one) well, that's my two cents, though I might be forgetting something in that list. JS
  18. +1 Dog should bark in local if aggressive mob near. Dog should gain loyalty to it's owner/deed, and hang around, even if not tamed. JS
  19. +1 Make Wurm Beautiful Again! I like the idea of more flower gardening, being able to make a tile a 'flower garden' tile and plant different flowers in it, mulch it, put a border around it, stepping stones in it, etc... JS
  20. +1 Things on tables, shelves, and such shouldn't decay much if building first floor is complete, in my opinion... I realize that stopping decay completely would compete with the magical chests to some degree, but bookshelves and tables can't be locked. JS
  21. +1 Don't change the old ones, just give more variety. JS