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  1. After reading Wilczan's, I agree with a higher total potential weight of fuel added. Maybe 10 logs (240kg) could give max visible size and light output, but could add up to 50 to allow the bonfire to last for a day or two? I love the idea of burning extra carts and ships, but that seems to allow too much potential for griefing.
  2. As I burned a brush pile yesterday, in real life, I thought "we need this in Wurm! I'm gonna make a suggestion." In a novel moment of forethought, I searched to see if anyone else had suggested it yet... so I'll rez this thread. Bonfire Model is larger than a campfire, and has five different sizes/stages depending on the quantity of logs in it. Requires 2 logs to build. Lit with a piece of kindling and a steel and flint. QL is the avg ql of the logs added minus 5%. Produces ash based on the quantity of logs: 1.6kg ash (lower quality) per 24kg log. Will take up to 240kg of logs. Burns between 2kg and 5 kg every 5 minutes - a 1ql bonfire with 48kg of log would last approximately 50 minutes, while a 100ql bonfire the same size would last about 2.5 hours. Stages: Dying - less than 20kg - appears like a mound of hot coals - not very bright Fading - 20kg to 40kg - short flames, like a larger campfire - as bright as a good lantern Burning Steadily - 40kg to 80kg - medium flames - as bright as several lanterns Blazing - 80kg to 160kg - high flames - Very bright Roaring - 160kg to 240kg - Max flames - Bright enough to annoy if on an adjacent tile As you add to the bonfire, it will increase through the stages. As it burns logs, it will decrease through the stages. Anything flammable could be burned by putting it in a bonfire. In some ways could work similar to a trash heap. Adding anything wooden, that would immediately increase the bonfire, consuming the item. Anything added will average the ql. QL remains steady until the fire burns out, at which point the ash can be collected.
  3. +1. or make them prefer to move outside... and rarely go inside.
  4. I shared Tomek's ad. I would repost others if people come up with ones I like
  5. I didn't know it was bad when I moved there... still haven't spent enough time on other servers to see a difference either. JS
  6. I agree... some of these slopes look like one ought to be able to climb them... and the staff idea seems reasonable to me. Maybe the walking bonus would have to do with climbing skill? JS
  7. -1 Players can do it just fine... just make it so a ship can pull another or load a sailboat or rowboat onto a bigger vessel. JS
  8. I actually like a combination of the main methods mentioned so far with small cumulative bonuses from each type: Sacrificing Number of villagers Skill of Villagers Structures and Furnishings Sacrificing As far as the 'sacrificing', it could be done in such a way as to not be onerous, i.e. not just making things to give them away. If a large emblem or crest or some such, similar to an altar in function, were crafted from appropriate blacksmith items, and give bonus to the building it's placed in, or to the area, or to the deed, that could work without the feel of creating things to sac them. Structures and Furnishings If a 'surveyor' could declare an area a 'smithy' or woodworking shop, etc... based on it meeting certain requirements (large anvil, forge, smelter, etc) that could be nice... Would hate to have it set up in such a way that single structures arranged for both woodwork and smithing would only get the bonus from one or the other. I think there's potential here... but it must be done in such a way as to not be 'quests' or something that just makes people build fifteen forges in an area, or makes people feel like they're missing out significantly if they aren't part of a bigger village. +1 Potentially good idea. JS
  9. Would love to have my own banner or crest or design or whatever... +1 JS
  10. From a MoI, you should automatically get skill for sure in every skill applicable. Maybe twice your 'normal' skill gain?
  11. Thinking about the scope creep... It seems to me that each god has their area, and each priest should have an area of utility... cheap utility. Magranon now can light things, Fo can make things grow a step, I think Vynora should be able to bring wind. I'd like to see each of the gods have two (or more) relatively low cost utility spells that are not 'game-changing.' If a Vyn Priest enchants a diamond which could be used for wind speed, by any Vynora follower, that makes good sense. Each deity then would have their own enchants they could do... Maybe make Vyn vessels usable by Mag/Fo but only at a slight cost of faith (.05?) because they saw what you did there. JS
  12. I'm gonna have to say a rare forge named Sweetie. A friend, Tkerr, had it. It was his prized possession. He quit... Davih rescued it when his deed, Black Rock Isle, fell, and gave it back to him when he came back. He quit again and I rescued Sweetie... maybe he'll come back again? He's been gone 884 days... JS
  13. Beretel: In '03 (I think), I started playing Asheron's Call 2. I enjoy the Tolkien books and chose Elessar Telcontar for a name. Had to shorten it to Elessr Telcontar due to the naming rules. Then my wife (Luthien Tinuviel) started to play so I made a character to duo with her, Beren Telcontar, because I figured in a large allegiance, keeping a last name would make things simpler. When AC2 closed, we went to EQ2 and I had two characters based on the name, Berenn and Beretel. Beretel stuck. Shammoo: back in the dark ages (1990?) a friend saw me laying on my bunk in the dorm at summer bible camp and said "Jonathan, is that you or is there a whale in your bed?" (I was overweight) He then called me Shamu, and it stuck... but at the time I didn't know how to spell it, so I wrote it as Shammoo, which it has been ever since. JS