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  1. Would love to have my own banner or crest or design or whatever... +1 JS
  2. From a MoI, you should automatically get skill for sure in every skill applicable. Maybe twice your 'normal' skill gain?
  3. Thinking about the scope creep... It seems to me that each god has their area, and each priest should have an area of utility... cheap utility. Magranon now can light things, Fo can make things grow a step, I think Vynora should be able to bring wind. I'd like to see each of the gods have two (or more) relatively low cost utility spells that are not 'game-changing.' If a Vyn Priest enchants a diamond which could be used for wind speed, by any Vynora follower, that makes good sense. Each deity then would have their own enchants they could do... Maybe make Vyn vessels usable by Mag/Fo but only at a slight cost of faith (.05?) because they saw what you did there. JS
  4. I'm gonna have to say a rare forge named Sweetie. A friend, Tkerr, had it. It was his prized possession. He quit... Davih rescued it when his deed, Black Rock Isle, fell, and gave it back to him when he came back. He quit again and I rescued Sweetie... maybe he'll come back again? He's been gone 884 days... JS
  5. Beretel: In '03 (I think), I started playing Asheron's Call 2. I enjoy the Tolkien books and chose Elessar Telcontar for a name. Had to shorten it to Elessr Telcontar due to the naming rules. Then my wife (Luthien Tinuviel) started to play so I made a character to duo with her, Beren Telcontar, because I figured in a large allegiance, keeping a last name would make things simpler. When AC2 closed, we went to EQ2 and I had two characters based on the name, Berenn and Beretel. Beretel stuck. Shammoo: back in the dark ages (1990?) a friend saw me laying on my bunk in the dorm at summer bible camp and said "Jonathan, is that you or is there a whale in your bed?" (I was overweight) He then called me Shamu, and it stuck... but at the time I didn't know how to spell it, so I wrote it as Shammoo, which it has been ever since. JS
  6. +1 to Tobari passing out bottles of cider...
  7. +1 to being able to attach a nautical compass to a ship... Anything above a sailboat should be able to have this improvement. Nautical compasses accuracy would be dependent on ql, so a higher ql compass would be accurate at a higher speed, while a low ql compass would require you to be merely drifting. When vehicles have the capability of being improved in this way, there are many other improvements possible for ships, wagons, and carts.... JS
  8. I like the idea... May need a few changes, but overall I like it. JS
  9. +1, if it could be drawn by two bears... needs enough room for a small barrel, for those drink emergencies which require speedy delivery. And maybe room for a few pizzas. I look forward to the Inde 500 Um... or maybe the Inde 5... JS
  10. What about... If a building plan is designated, by the owner or someone with manager permissions, as a sawmill (for example): The plan would need to meet certain basic requirements but details would be flexible (wall material, building size, etc., would all be variable. Additional Wall and Roof options become available, that fit with the Sawmill idea. Sawmill 'furniture' becomes available to build in the designated building and yard. Basic integral parts of the sawmill can be planned and built (windmill/waterwheel/gin gang, headsaw, edger, etc...). Once complete: Increases the "productivity bonus" of the settlement it's on by .5% Reduces carpentry and woodcutting timers within a certain radius by 1 second. Logs can be 'milled' (no skill gain, somewhat faster, uniformly lower ql than by hand) Settlements would want one, they would often be different shapes, would all look like sawmills due to the necessary parts, and could be big enough projects to include many people. Of course other buildings could be done in a similar way. Might be too complex? but seems like a cool idea... JS
  11. Crafting recipe window needs to be expanded before it displays correctly. BSB became unusable when dropped on bridge, because I was not "on the same bridge". Until I destroyed the bridge and the bsb dropped to the ground. Wagons show a bit through second story flooring. Horses sometimes disappear into ground, or into the story beneath. Tree roots visible sticking out of the side of a slope.
  12. yes, make the curve a bit easier in the beginning.. lower the difficulty for some items, so fails are less common. shorten the base timer a bit Improve the effect of tools a bit at the start (maybe a straight shift rather than a curve) Increase off-deed decay for lower ql buildings/carts A few thoughts that might accomplish somewhat the same thing, without the appearance of caving, and without as much inconsistency in the game. JS
  13. Traders This seems like a reasonable change... those who haven't recouped their purchase price should get some compensation.. and the purchase price in general will need to come down... Racks on Racks Love the new racks. They will allow for things to look a lot nicer. Elevation Premium Requirements I've never played on Elevation... don't really have a desire to... Stone Strike Balance This seems like a good change. I'd prefer the cap to be a bit higher (closer to 80%). Creation QoL Improvements I love the intent here! I think something should be done to help the noobs. This may be too much. At the least, it's probably too many. Effective QL curve on armour, shields and weapons Awesome! Noob gear has been a complaint of mine for a while now, and this seems a reasonable approach. Love it! Follower changes Meh. I'm non-plussed. As a Vyn follower, with a Mag priest and a Vyn priest and a couple other Vyn followers, I don't think this will make much difference to me personally, but I do appreciate the attempt to make the followers distinctive and all beneficial. I suppose my main can destroy roads without potentially having to pray a couple times to make up for it. Rite Changes Have never worked on the Rites, or done more than benefit a bit from them.... Overall, I'm happy for the changes. Thanks, JS
  14. I like the idea of some way to 'plan' tunnels or underground spaces. Not sure it needs to be priests only, but my Mag priest would get his prospecting up if he had to.