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  1. Yes, I noticed that when I headed back in to the mine... oops. Might be helpful for the tutorial to mention the learning areas. I think I'll have to do a suggestion thread about some small changes to the tutorial. Overall, I must say, it is much, much better than the old one.
  2. Well, I started a new character tonight... he's currently going through the tutorial, and I'll post stuff here as I notice it... First, I'm standing in Haven's Landing clicking next and reading, and suddenly I'm supposed to go dig some dirt. Where? I can't dig where I'm at... so I have to wander around and find a place to dig. Then I have to cut down a tree? Same thing... where do I find a tree? Ok, got one... all good now, and hopefully no angry neighbors. There's a mine readily accessible from the town center, so I went back, mined a few iron and the started making mallets and anvils and such.. so far, I've encountered no hostiles.
  3. The idea of being able to make a document (at your own impetus) to transfer ownership is a nice one. It's nothing like the old writs of ownership. JS
  4. I would love to see meadows and glades throughout wurm. It seems that right now, most everything has to be forest or sand...
  5. it seems like a few things should be able to be done while seated... not sure about praying or meditating, because those both have traditional postures... but fishing? That sounds good... and some crafting.
  6. I understand why they did it. I remember starting before they gave the 30/50 ql stuff... I think it was a 'healing cover', and not a good long term solution. If we want new players to stick around, the many deaths while trying to do some simple newbie learning is not going to make them want to stay. At the same time, giving out medium ql stuff discourages newbies from crafting their own stuff. It's a tricky balance... JS
  7. Combat. No interest here, other than simply not dying. Learning Curve without good tutorials to actually get players crafting. Price per character is steep, when people like to have alts. Lack of good way to buy/sell in a stable market for a new character. Just my 2c.
  8. Two additions that would be particularly cool to have this time of year.... Would give some color in the winter potentially.
  9. Because of the way leading animals works, an animal pen must be 1x2 or 'pass through' style. How about, if you stand still for 5 seconds, the animal you're leading comes close to you. Or, you have a command on the context menu to 'draw the animal close'. This would save space and make planning and breeding easier.
  10. Yes, very true. So we gave everyone a ql that will take most noobs weeks if not months to make something better. I think that bumping the starting gear was the wrong response.. the problem was (and still is) in the combat system. Improving the starting gear simply gives us the idea that it's less of a sandbox, in my opinion. JS
  11. To add a bit to this: The additional skills gained are rarely used by most, and very unintuitive, and only show up at medium fighting skill (30 for the first?) And really, why would I start at fight skill 1 with ql 30 armor? that just suggests a system that is not balanced. Maybe a permanent vein to mine, a hot forge, some pieces of leather, and whatever else is needed, all at ql 5, and I can make my own pieces of armor while on the noob isle? If I don't want to, I can skip it, and buy or beg better stuff once I get to mainland... If it's a sandbox game, don't give me equipment, show me how to make it myself. JS
  12. I died several times trying to swim across a channel to an island. That was painful... especially the corpse runs, and then giving up on ever getting some of stuff back. Getting one-shotted by a troll that I never saw 'til I came back for my corpse... and then it killed me again. I started a farm, planted several tiles, and then dug on a tile nearby and turned around... my crops were all gone. Could not dig anything at the start.... was a bit of work to find a place I could even raise my skill above 1. Trying to build something.... need to make some nails... so I needed an anvil... so I needed iron... so I needed a forge... etc, etc... Was a long process to get a couple nails. I had no way to tell if I should try actually fighting something. Died several times to mountain lions and wolves, and when one got stuck in my mine, it gave me a headache for a while. JS PS. not sure what all has changed in the noob experience since I started... and I hope this isn't coming across as whining. [23:21:36] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Luck day, week 3 of the Bear's starfall, 1049. That's 1671 days, 22 hours and 31 minutes ago. My second character. The first one I played for about a month, then stopped for a year.
  13. With the discussion of Quality of Life improvements, I've started to think about the things that made my start in Wurm difficult. I'm thinking specifically of the first few hours or days. So... What are the things that made Wurm difficult or discouraging for you at first?
  14. I like the idea... but any tree just should end up a 'dwarf'. Would be short enough to fit in a single story of a building at it's tallest stage. Would fruit normally. Would produce only a small log (4kg?) at the most, or wood scraps if mature or less. Would be great for interior decorating! JS