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  1. I've been playing here recently and have been enjoying my time. Between the many mods being run and the faster action timers/skill, it's very easy to get started and experience the parts of Wurm that you want to. I used to think that gaining skill at this rate was silly, but it really just removes a lot of the boring grind of Wurm and enables you to get straight to the point: reshaping the world how you see fit. Inspiration has a beautiful world map with a lot of mountainous terrain that won't hold your hand but it certainly isn't impossible to navigate through and establish your own settlement. If you have some friends that feel like they'll never be able to catch up to your skills on a different server to be able to do anything meaningful, I would recommend trying out this one. I think I've been inspired. Looking forward to seeing what people will create here.
  2. If you have a lot of spare planks and shafts you can make a lot of unfinished rope tools in the hopes that one goes rare, I haven't tried it myself but have heard it works well. You can probably dispose of them easily by burning in forges too.
  3. Sometimes when I play, my game window freezes momentarily before returning to normal. I was attempting to drag an item from a container to my inventory when the game window froze, but this time I got an index out of bounds exception and the client crashed instead of returning back to normal. Any ideas what happened here? Thanks
  4. Great news about the renderer and cave dwellings! I'm curious about 3D caves and also the larger mine entrances that had been suggested recently, are there any plans regarding these? And as a WU only player I'm happy for WO to get Rifts; as long as WU keeps getting the sandbox updates, WO can have all the MMO updates. Regarding what we are really entitled to for purchasing WU I don't know, I never read the fine print. I just hope we don't ever get left out on the big features that really improve the core Wurm gameplay (like cave dwellings). Anyways, thanks for your work Wurm team!
  5. Is there interest in (or does there exist) a cave generating tool that would basically hollow out different areas underground, under certain constraints like maybe: floor and ceiling heights, and slope limits maximum/minimum cave area size how close each cave room is to one another, and how often they should be connected to each other would or would not retain ore veins inside the generated cave area whether or not caves close to the surface should have tunnel entrances I would really like to hear about any practical considerations that might go along with a tool like this. Could this be a feature adapted into one of the map generating tools out there? Thank you
  6. Figured you'd say something like that Zerocool, lol I'm just throwing my 2 cents in, as a WU player I'm the type of player that likes to spend as little on subscriptions as possible. I understand that people from WO aren't necessarily like that. When I say the game should be "killed," I just mean that if I were on a subscription fee I would expect more than WO. I hope you guys can understand my point of view.
  7. Obviously not immediately, but if I were Code Club I would be working on an even more profitable version of WO. The concept is wildly popular, the execution is not.
  8. New to these forums, attitudes like this don't really make me want to be a part of the forums community. Anyone and everyone knows that threads like these aren't going to make any changes to the game. Thread creator most likely understood that when making the thread but you don't need to be rude about it just because they put themselves out there. As far as the Mythmoor server, I've played there for more than 10 hours a day just about every day for the last few months (I'm a disgusting nolifer), and I only ever heard of a handful of bans, maybe one independent person early on and one or two PVP groups that were upset they didn't get their way. I wouldn't anticipate that server going anywhere anytime soon either. Not sure how payment works in WO but even though the players on the Mythmoor server can earn their way through the whole game, there are still people willing to chunk out some money and buy in-game rewards. There were two players recently that contributed $250 each to the server, so that should be at least a few months alone. In response to the title, most things people have said here are irrelevant from my perspective. By releasing WU, Code Club basically handed out WO for just a one time B2P cost. Back in November when I was thinking of getting WU I read the forums, and there were lots of hopeful WO players thinking that WU would be a means of advertising WO to the Steam crowd. If that was the plan then it doesn't seem to have worked. Correct me if I'm wrong, but just about the only people left on WO are those that have invested a lot of energy (financially, emotionally, etc) into the "MMO." Now WU is just as massive as WO. My thought is that if they want to see new subscribers to Wurm, they're going to have to remake the game from the ground up and fix what is broken. Probably shut down WO, give everyone access to the old server maps, and compensate long-time subscribers with a free copy of WU. At least that's what I would do. So in my opinion, Wurm Online is not dying, but it has to be killed