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  1. Sklotopolis - PVE

    To players looking for an active pve server, this is it. The payment for roads and guard towers have made this a well developed server. Take a look at this map and see all the settlements, roads, collosus, and other items, quite busy. http://woubuc.github.io/wu-map/
  2. Thought I'd share my thought on this server. The lakes feel big and not like tiny ponds. The mountains feel good and solid and are not trivial like some other servers. The owner has said this server will be up for at least 10 years and probably longer, which is good since this is a vanilla, no mod, 1x server. As of now there isnt really a market, the gm will pay 5x copper a tile for 3 tile wide road, which is quite good (1.5 silver 10 tiles, 3 silver for 20 tiles.). Considering the work to make a 3 tile road and the sometimes challenging landscape this seems the right amount. Since this is a 1x server I suspect eventually craftspeople will create a market, goods and services(labour) will have value. Now this isnt the only WU server I play, but since the owner has told me it will be up at least 10 years, it's the only 1x speed server I'll play, and I think that is a good reason to try it out (plus the map is really nice).