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  1. Hey, i'm looking to sell 3g @ 75eur each via PayPal (verified only please). Please either send me a message on here or to my character Tuvier on Independence. Thanks
  2. Friend gave me some more to sell, bumping
  3. Bumping, got a couple more to sell!
  4. Hi, i'm looking to sell 2g for 60eur each via PayPal on Independence server. Please either PM me ingame (Tuvier) or on here.
  5. Hi, it seems as if I have purchased a bit too much gold over the last couple of weeks and could really do with making a quick sale. If someone wants to buy it before the end of tomorrow (26/12/2012) I can sell the whole lot for 105eur PayPal or if people want to do it in smaller chunks I can do it for 55eur per 1g. Please either PM me ingame (Tuvier on Independance) or post a PM on here. Cheers
  6. Not sold it yet, was gonna be a buyer but it fell through. PM'ed you namalesca
  7. Hey, looking to sell 2g for 100eur via PayPal. Currently on independence server and can deliver in person or via mail. Contact me either ingame (Tuvier) or a PM on here. Cheers
  8. Hi, I currently have 2 gold coins for sale immediately via PayPal. I am looking for 55eur per 1g but may be able to go a little bit cheaper for the whole lot. Please either PM me on here or message me ingame (Tuvier).
  9. Hey, bit if a random topic I know but I'm looking to buy the following items and have them delivered - 0 / 15 Barrels of Olive oil - 20c per barrel 7k / 10k Cooked Meat - 4s per 1000 0 / 5k Grains (Rye, oat, wheat etc) - 4s per 1000 2k / 10k Vegetables (Potatoes, pumpkins, onions) - 4s per 1000 I'm currently at Copper Fortress (33x49y) on Independence. Please send me a PM or contact me ingame (Tuvier) before attempting to make a delivery. If i'm not on, please leave the items at the Inn by the front gate and send me a PM with the details of the character you would like the payment sent to. Thanks
  10. [Wts] 1G

    Bumping with new price
  11. [Wts] 1G

    Hi there, I currently have 1 gold for sale, or willing to sell it in smaller increments (up to 20s). Looking for a price of 70eur, Paypal verified and can provide references as required. Will be delivered ingame via mail, please either PM me on here or ingame (Tuvier) if you wish to make an offer. [EDIT] - Alright, I guess 70eur is too high. Willing to lower it to 60 for the whole lot.
  12. Hi, i'd like to order one. I'll PM you later on today with the details
  13. Hi there, I currently have 2 gold coins for immediate sale via PayPal. Asking for a price of 55eur per gold, however i'm willing to sell it in smaller amounts if that's easier. I have characters on independance and exodus and can deliver either in person or via mail.