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  1. go to this page download windows 64 bit offline. the only way to get java for 64 bit is the offline version all online web page is 32 bit.

    Once downloaded  go to add remove programs and remove all java installs then install the 64 bit version you just downloaded and things should  work fine. For a more one on one if you skype I can walk you threw on skype live with screen share if you like and we can fix the issue.

  2. thanks for your reply, i get an error tho... Error encoutered whilve invoking Java Web Start (SysExec) C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_73\bin\javaws.exe hope you know how to fix this
  3. hi all, i recently reinstalled my 32-bit windows with a 64-bit windows and now wurm doesnt work anymore it uses to much of my processor... i hope someone can help me out, i have all settings on lowest possible. the launcher works fine and splash screen too, i can also see the loading screen but when showing welcome to the server it crashes immediately i have an AMD athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 6000+ 3GHz and 4,00 gb RAM installed.
  4. Thanks haha i dont know about the statues lol, they were just for deco
  5. i placed chairs instead of beds, i couldnt find beds in objects list... thanks for your reply
  6. hi all! o/ i started playing 2 months ago and i'm premium for almost 1 month now. i made a deed but i don't like the spot so i decided to move and make another one. when i found a nice location i first made the mansion in deedplanner, to see how it looks and to decide how much materials i need. i think the result is quite nice so i wanted to share with you guys please tell me what you think! screenshot of map link 1 link 2 both links are same savefile when clicking 'open' in deedplanner, paste one of these codes in the bar and open the files