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  1. Lunar Order Academy is recruiting!

    If I had not found a good Village. I would been interested;). I wish you luck.
  2. Deliverance Community Map [Discontinued]

    About time:)
  3. Back Up Alert

  4. WTB 20s

    WTB 20s 1s: 1usd Paypal verified Pm me ingame same name
  5. Xanadu Community Map

    [18:28:29] <Alinicon> 4395,-3063 Oakheart
  6. Why all of xana for allaince?
  7. Wait there was a light side I could join?
  8. Wurm University - Chaos Kingdom

    A salute to Jaycz o7
  9. Hit me up as well. Alinicon ingame. I mostly on
  10. Looking for Fo conversion near Greymead

    Ok got statuate now:)
  11. Looking for Fo conversion near Greymead

    Kalen, I got a alt that went fo for you. I just need a satuate nwo
  12. Still looking?
  13. Port Catnip is recruiting!

    She is a good person. I love it there when I get pulled of Xana;)